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Powerbuild – Post Workout Recovery & Growth Formula?

Powerbuild is a highly concentrated recovery powder designed to give you maximum growth after a hard workout. Recovery is just as important as the workout. Read this review to find out more about Powerbuild today.

What Is Power Build?

Powerbuild is formulated with active ingredients in fully effective doses. Powerbuild claims their products are tested and backed by the best sports nutrition research on the planet. They’ve been scientifically studied to help produce an ergogenic effect. All ingredients are formulated at an optimal level with research taken into consideration.

How Does Power Build Work?

So the basis of Powerbuild is to stimulate muscle growth during recovery. They claim it’s one of the most powerful post-workout supplements on the market today. Its ingredients are proven to increase muscle growth.

Powerbuild also helps to halt the production of lactic acid. It also helps the muscles absorb protein by increasing protein synthesis. Basically, it’s designed to really speed up recovery time of muscle growth. They claim you’ll be able to bounce back from your workouts faster to come back bigger and ready to crush it again.

On top of that you’ll feel reduced muscle soreness and reduce Delayed Onset Muscles Soreness after a workout. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness can be bad as it will halt progress in future workouts. Doms can make you weaker for your future workouts and limit your ability to train. Powerbuild helps eliminate the Doms so you can come back and workout harder and faster on your next session. According to Powerbuild’s creators, there isn’t another recovery formula on the market like it.

They say it also helps to make you stronger in general. There’s no denying, Creatine makes you stronger, apparently when combined with other ingredients found in Powerbuild it works even better. The mixture is said to give you everything you need to increase strength and build muscle fast while increasing your recovery. From what they say, it’s got the ability to give you super human like abilities to really take your workout to the next level.

And if you train a lot it helps too. Powerbuild is also formulated to help prevent overtraining. It supports the immune system and helps you recover so you can sleep better and get back to the gym faster without the fear of getting sick or too tired. They say when you take powerbuild, you’ll be able to go to the gym more often to get even bigger and stronger.

To take it, mix one scoop with a glass of water and drink directly after you work out.

Power Build Ingredients

Powerbuild contains a bunch of different ingredients: 2.5 grams of Betaine, 2 grams of Beta Alanine, 3 grams of Creatine, 4 grams of L-Leucine. Each of these ingredients are added at maximum dose to help build lean muscle. It also contains L-Glutamine which is proven to help repair damaged muscles. As well as Bioperene, L-Carnatine, and L-Tartrate.

Glutamine is proven to help people recover from intense workouts. It also supports healthy immune function and helps with other natural functions of the body. If you work out really hard, then Glutamine is definitely something you can benefit from. And that is proven regardless of Powerbuild or not.

They also claim to be all natural sweeteners, mainly stevia. And that it tastes great too. There are zero hidden fillers or ingredients, no proprietary blends so they say that makes it safer to take then other recovery formulas. It’s not some off brand factory with a different label is what they say. Poewrbuild claims they are innovative and different than the other companies creating recovery formulas. And they claim that’s according to scientific study.

Power Build Pricing

Poweruild is priced moderately vs other recovery formulas, about mid-range. At $35.99 a jar, it’s doable for most working people and if tis as good as they say it then it’s worth it most likely.

Costumer Comments About Power Build

Apparently people say it’s an overall good product. After reading several reviews it’s got a good taste and really does help people after a workout. Well, let me clarify, the taste is tolerable, a lot of other recovery formulas are rated as downright gross. Helped a lot of people reduce soreness and stimulate recovery.

One thing people did say is they think it is overpriced for what you get. A couple of people did say they felt like they had better return from other recovery formulas. Most people said they took about two weeks to really notice the results from the active growth of the muscles. That doesn’t seem like it’s that bad of a time frame to notice results.


-Taste better than other recovery formulas

-A little goes a long way

-Scientifically formulated


-May not be as good as other recovery formulas on the market

-Slightly overpriced according to some users

-Mixed reviews in general

Power Build Review Summary

In the end, like other products that have been reviewed, Powerbuild has mixed reviews. But, even the bad reviews are not that bad, they just say there is other formulas that worked better for them. The taste is said to be tolerable to great depending on who reviewed it which is better than a lot of other products.

The final decision should be made on your needs. If you’re a serious lifter, competitive athlete and looking for major results this is probably a good product for you. Especially if you go through multiple training sessions a week. If on the other hand, you’re just working out once or twice a week, then you may find Powerbuild is not necessary for you. Take your needs into consideration when you make your choice to buy or not buy Powerbuild.

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