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Simplicite Revitalizing Night Crème

Simplicite Revitalizing Night Crème

By Lorraine G.

I was interested in trying this night cream, because I have never used a truly plant-based product before. I’m 49 years old with dry skin, and I tend to go for products with high-tech and hard to pronounce ingredients. However, I had high hopes for Simplicite Revitalizing Night Crème ($53.50), a nighttime treatment boasting all-natural plant extracts.

The Australian company makes medical grade, plant-based skin care products that are based on co-owner David Lyon’s clinical naturopathic work. This cream has umpteen freshly-extracted plant extracts, including repairing wheat germ extract, soothing chamomile, hydrating avocado extract and sweet almond extract. Even the two preservatives are plant based.

I applied this cream before bed consistently for 30 days. My first impression was of the thick consistency, which spread and absorbed well. But my skin did not feel soothed or hydrated after application, rather a little tight. While this may have been a result of the ingredients doing their anti-aging work, it wasn’t ideal with my already dry skin. Despite its rich texture, this cream was not hydrating enough on its own and needed to be followed with other creams.

Simplicite Revitalizing Night Crème would definitely appeal to purists who desire a cream without any chemical nasties. A less dry skin type may also find it beneficial. However, I would not purchase this cream because my skin did not feel soothed and hydrated, which is something I always look for in a night treatment.

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