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SmartMouth – Best Mouthwash To Block Sulfur & Fight Bad Breath?

SmartMouth is a mouthwash that is designed to freshen your breath and leave you fresh for up to 12 hours. Read this review to find out about SmartMouth today.

What Is SmartMouth?

SmartMouth is a powerful mouthwash that is designed to help you get fresh breath. The effects of SmartMouth are said to last for as long as 12 hours. The long lasting effects of SmartMouth, are claims o the company.

Fresh breath is one of the most desirable of circumstances in many instances. When you’re up close and personal, it’s ideal. When you’re in a professional work environment, it is great to have fresh breath.

Of course, you can achieve fresh breath through the use of chewing gum. It’s not likely however, that chewing gum will always be convenient. It’s nice to have fresh breath in most cases. As to whether it interferes with food and eating, has been determined just yet.

Most mouthwashes are only temporary and last for a very short period of time. The freshness is usually fleeting and replaced by dry mouth and other unwanted side effects like bad breath.

How Does SmartMouth Work?

They claim that SmartMouth will in fact give you a minty, fresh taste for at least 12 hours. That means you can go about your day, from start to finish without worrying about as to whether or not it will wear off or not. You won’t wake up with a dread breath either, according to the company.

They claim that once you use the mouthwash, you’ll never need to use chewing gum or breath mints again.

They claim that they were even able to achieve proof that their product works to the BBB. And that clinical evidence has been performed to back up their statements.

The BBB will rarely verify a product without clinical studies and proof.

A simple statement will rarely get the BBB to verify a product.

Nobody likes bad breath. It’s a common problem that many people have to face. There are nearly limitless amounts of mouthwashes, mints and gums. They come in several flavors and styles. But SmartMouth claims that they have created the perfect mouth wash that will beat all other mouthwashes out of the water.

You use SmartMouth just like you would any other mouth wash. It’s apparently better than others though. Just brush your teeth like you normally would, then follow it up with the mouthwash.

They claim that you’ll be good to go all day and not have to worry about bad breath.

Use it one more time at night, just before you go to sleep and you’ll wake up with fresh breath and smelling better than ever. Twice a day, is all you need to have continual fresh breath according to the makers of SmartMouth.

What Are the Ingredients in SmartMouth?

They claim the key to SmartMouth is the mixing of two key solutions that must be kept spate until rinsing.

Once they are mixed and used, the real effects of the mouthwash begin to take effect.

Once the two solutions are combined, there is a chemical reaction that will instantly release a ton of zinc ions. It’s the secret to fresh breath that lasts for up to 12 hours.

Once you rinse, after swishing for 30 seconds you can avoid the buildup of sulfur, which is key to keeping long lasting good smelling breath.

How Much Does SmartMouth Cost?

SmartMouth has a wide variety of products. They have different mouthwashes, toothpastes, strips and one time use packets.

The products can be found online at sites like Amazon. And they range in prices. SmartMouth will usually run you higher than other mouthwashes. Most other mouthwash is an average price of about $7.

SmarMouth on the other hand will typically run you about $22 a bottle. Even though that is a significantly higher price, the results that SmartMouth gives are said to be unequaled.

What Do Customers Say About SmartMouth?

They say that it works, even though it has a lot of hype and high price point. There is no alcohol in the mouthwash, and a lot of people seem to like that. You won’t get the burning sensation that you do when you take mouthwash that uses alcohol in it.

Also, people claim that is definitely will leave you with minty breath all the time which is not always desirable.

If you’re going out for the night, going to dinner or a smoker, SmartMouth may not be the best mouthwash for you. And it doesn’t work full time on everyone. Some foods will definitely overcome the effects of SmartMouth.

You’ll have to limit your consumption of onions, garlic and other strong herbs and spices.


  • Long lasting and will leave you with fresh breath all day long
  • Available at Amazon and other stores
  • Clinically proven and verified by the Better Business Bureau


  • Costs significantly more money than other mouthwashes
  • Minty taste may not be desirable all day long

SmartMouth Review Summary

If you are a fan of good smelling breath and would like to have it for 24 hours, then yes. SmartMouth is likely good for anyone looking to keep long lasting breath all day long.

If on the other hand, you’re not into having minty breath. Then no, SmartMouth is most likely something you could live without and you can simply use, regular mouthwash.

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