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StriVectin – Products That Boost Collagen For Beautiful Skin?

This is a company that specializes in the creation of various types of skin creams and conditioners for your needs. They supposedly help to rejuvenate you by replenishing vital nutrients. Read this review to find out more about StriVectin today.

What Is StriVectin?

The goal of StriVectin is to deliver the highest performance skincare cream and hair solutions in the world. They’ve got more than 35 years of research with scientifically formulated products. And the products range from skin creams, to moisturizers to tanning lotion and hair care products.

There is a very wide arrange of products and every product has been backed by 35 years of research and clinical studies. Apparently it doesn’t get any better than StriVectin. There have been more than 30 Clinical studies and its sold all over the world.

Strivectin is holds 90 global patents on skincare and hair care solutions.

The company has put their time in as far as working hard to produce their products. Customers seem to love the skincare products and there have been more than 150 papers published on how the products work.

People have been using this stuff all over the world for decades. Many of the people who use it are celebrities and models. It’s one of the most well reviewed products out there from researching and has been featured in several publications like Vogue and Glamor. There is almost an overwhelming number of products on the StriVectin website.

If you don’t know what you’re looking for it could be hard to find something to settle on. But it is a well put together site with easy to navigate menus to browse the many products.

How Does StriVectin Work?

It works the way any facial cream, cleanser or hair care product does. There are creams you can apply to the face and neck. They have blemish pens and leave in conditioners for the hair.

Some of the products are also spray on for convenience so you can carry them around with you wherever you go.

The products vary, there are products for morning, noon and night. And some of the products are for specific activities only like suntan lotions and screens. Or for example, the blemish pen to help eliminate acne immediately in a safe way.

There are creams for all parts of the body and face and neck areas. The hair products also come in various formulas depending on the needs. And the products all have different purposes. For example, some are for darkening or lightening the skin. Others are for toning and tightening and others are for reducing aging and wrinkles.

The haircare products are for holding color, strengthening the hair and conditioning to replenish lost nutrients from coloring and washing.

There are products for almost every purpose related to hair and neck and skin. To see everything there is you’ll have to go the StriVectin website as there is so much to look at it can’t be listed here.

What Ingredients Are in StriVectin?

The technology at StriVectin is clinically proven and designed by scientists and dermatologist. They have patented technology they use for their products. The patented technology at StriVectin is called the A-114 technology.

It’s been clinically studied and modified for more than 35 years. It’s hard to find other specialty skincare lines out there with that much research and development backing their products. IT’s designed to help boost your skin fast. The results are for rapid results and rigorously tested.

Each of the patented products was developed by a specific specialist who works on that specific area the cream or salve is created for. They use the highest end ingredients in their products and stand by them with a 100% guarantee. People seem to really like StriVectin products as it’s hard to find a bad review.

How Much Does StriVectin Cost?

The cheapest bottle of cream I could find was $62. The most expensive was well over $100. According to research, their high priced but not outrageous comparatively speaking. May not be in everyone’s price range but will be good for many people.

To get the greatest benefit you would need several products. So look at spending a minimum of a few hundred dollars a month on StriVectin products. Other than that, the pricing is not as high as several other companies but the company still has better reviews then most.

Customers Comments About StriVectin

Most of the reviews clearly say that StrVectin is the favorite product line for the user. They always write about how much they love the products. Specifically, they like how it makes their skin and hair feel and their emotional state as well.

It would seem from research that there are other products out there that are equal to StriVectin but not a lot of them that are better. If you’re into cosmetics, model or really like to spend on yourself then StriVectin is for you.



-Tons of Products

-Clinically Proven


-High End, so High Priced

-A lot of products to choose from so could get confusing

StriVectin Review Summary

If you like skincare creams and spending on yourself then yes. If you’re just looking for a regular lotion or shampoo then no, there are other products you’ll like that don’t cost nearly as much as StrVectin. If you’re a professional model or personality, then this is probably what you’re looking for.

But for regular everyday people, you probably don’t need StriVectin for yourself. Research through all the products and try some out before making any large purchase would be the ideal recommendation.

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