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Suntegrity – Sunscreen, Moisturizer & Primer Skincare Products?

Suntegrity Skincare Products are a uniquely designed skin care system designed to help you stop the effects of aging.

Read this review today to learn more about Suntegrity Skincare Products.

What Are Suntegrity Products?

Suntegrity has a unique backstory like other small product lines. The Suntegrity Skincare products were made in memory of the woman who started the product lines mother. She lost her life to skin cancer which is pretty tough. So the woman who started Suntegrity decided to start a holistic line of skincare products called Suntegrity.

Her mother was lost to melanoma, after that she started really pushing for proper sunscreen to be used.

Unfortunately, she discovered, most sunscreens contain highly toxic ingredients. So she decided to create the product line so people could benefit from sunscreen without all the harmful ingredients.

She spent a bunch of years investigating different methods of protecting the skin from the sun in natural ways. That’s when she decided to create Suntegrity. With the inspiration from her mother’s death she worked really hard to bring you the product line.

Suntegrity uses the best available physical blocks ingredient, zinc oxide. From what she says however, is that because it’s not nano sized, it’s much safer to use then most others.

It also contains anti-oxidants to protect against free-radicals and amino acids to strengthen the skin and help it repair itself.

The products are claimed to be completely safe and non-toxic. The preservatives are even safe for you. Suntegrity has been awarded the Champion status by EWG Compact for Safe Cosmetics.

How Does Suntegrity Work?

Suntegrity works by providing you with SPF30 and higher sunscreen that is non-toxic, safe to use and highly-effective.

The rest of the products are designed to help protect the skin and restore it further. There are three different product lines basically. One for the body, the face and the lips. Most of them are sunscreens, but there are is also a tanner.

The lip protectors come in various colors so they double as lipsticks too. Everything on the site is applied by hand except the lip protectants. They’re used just like a chap stick or lip stick. You’ll be able to apply the rest of the sun screens and tanners directly to your skin by hand.

And the sunscreens come in different colors as well. You can get them according to the darkness of tint you’re looking to apply.

There are also neutral colors as well you can use to simply protect the skin. From what they say and the reviews, these look to be really good products. Plus the story is pretty inspiring and obviously she has the best intentions for anyone using her sunscreen.

Suntegrity Ingredients

The ingredients are non-nano sized zinc oxide, amino acids, anti-oxidants and natural colors. They are 100% safe and non-toxic. They didn’t say anything about being able to be used on all skin types or if the sunscreens are hypo-allergenic or not. If they don’t say anything, it’s not necessarily safe to assume anything.

You’ll likely have to contact them directly to ask about being able to use the products on any skin type and as to whether or not the Suntegrity products are hypo-elergenic.

Suntegrity Pricing

Compared to other small company product lines of this nature, the pricing is very reasonable. Below you can see some examples of pricing according the Suntegirty website. That way you can make your own judrement as to whether or not the products are priced appropriately for you.

Lip Protectants are all priced at $28.00

Body Sunscreens range from $24.00 to $36.00

Face Products Cost $45.00

They all look like pretty good size bottles and tubes so it seems like it’s a decently priced product line. You can compare them to other products of this nature for yourself. The products at Suntegrity are pretty straight forward and simple enough to use.

Customers Comments About Suntegrity Products

Customers on Amazon rate it fairly. After reading through about 200 reviews and looking through a lot more at the stars, 5 stars is rated on average about 60-65% of the time.

Sometimes there are a lot more, sometimes not. Because it’s not chemical based, you use a lot less then you would of chemical based sunscreens.

The problem with the sunscreens that most people had was because you didn’t use a lot, it didn’t spread very good. And it also left a sheen, especially with the facial products. Some people said the only way they could use it was when they mixed it with lotion.

Some of the bad reviews stated, when they loved the sunscreen the first time they used it, but the second time around it was separated and couldn’t be used.

So there are problems with consistency that have occurred. You’ll have to try it out to see if that’s the case for you.


-Safe to use and non-toxic

-Made with quality ingredients

-Cost are reasonable


-Hard to apply for many people

-Not a lot of products

-Product quality is inconsistent and sometimes the product cannot be used

Suntegrity Products Review Summary

The choice is up to you really. As long as you get a good bottle it seems safe enough. However, when you get a defective bottle your kind of a creek without a paddle.

Also the fact that it is difficult to apply could be enough to say no, don’t use the product. The deciding factor will be, do you want to use all-natural, sunscreen that is 100% safe, or will you trust the stuff with chemicals to the job without giving you cancer?

Way your options on the safety factor then make your decision accordingly.

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