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The Healing Pain Summit – Dr. Joe Tatta’s Pain Relief Expert Interviews?

Online events have seen a marked increase over the last few years, with people in increasing numbers turning toward events and summits to give them the inspiration and confidence needed to tackle the challenges and adversity in everyday life.

On Monday the 12 of September through to Saturday, September 17th 2016, The Healing Pain Summit will take place to resolve pain for people and apply solutions so that they can increase the quality of their lives.

September is the national pain month in the United States, and The Healing Pain Summit, which is hosted by Dr. Joe Tatta author of Heal Your Pain Now claims to provide attendees with all the tools and information they need to end chronic health conditions such as stress, anxiety, trauma, autoimmune and musculoskeletal diseases.

What is the Healing Pain Summit?

As seen above, The Healing Pain Summit hosted by Dr.Tatta will include interviews with the thought leaders in the fields of medicine, physical therapy, nutrition, psychology, spirituality, personal development and more.

It should be noted that The Healing Pain summit is a free online health and wellness event that anyone of any age can sign up for.

The benefits of The Healing Pain Summit can be found below:

  • 25 interviews with the most respected minds in the healthcare industry, sharing invaluable tools and strategies to alleviate pain and chronic health conditions.
  • Discover a holistic health plan for pain and stress management.
  • Learn more about specific health conditions and how to alleviate them; including spinal pain, pelvic pain, stress, anxiety, depression and more.
  • Hear actionable advice and implement tools to put a stop to pain right away.
  • How to pinpoint the cause of pain and lead a better life.
  • Find organic pain relief solutions without relying on dangerous supplements with side effects.
  • Specialized advice for practitioners on how they can best help their patients achieve the quality of life that they deserve.

As stated previously, The Healing Pain Summit is 100% free for anyone to attend online, and the organizer Dr.Tatta states that there will be many more topics covered over the five day course.

Registering for the event is quick and easy. All users need to do to sign up is apply with their email address on the event’s website. After users have confirmed their email address, they will be sent a special invitation link that they can use to get access to the live Pain Summit webinar.

Healing Pain Summit Bonuses

In addition to the main event, participants are also entitled to a suite of bonuses just for taking part of this live webinar. The bonuses include various free information products as well as guides focused on how to live a happier and pain free life.

There are 25 free gifts in total offered by an assortment of experts, mostly from those who are attending the event themselves, but a small handful is from people who are not.

The free gifts range from how to get a job while suffering from chronic pain through to data sheets and at-home remedies for even the most painful and difficult to treat conditions and diseases. All of the bonuses will be delivered to the user’s email address after they have confirmed their attendance to the Healing Pain Summit.

Experts of The Healing Pain Summit

As stated at the start of this article, the Healing Pain Summit features some of the best-known experts in the field of chronic health conditions, as well as spiritual gurus and other esoteric geniuses.

Below is the full list of the attendees as well as their subject matter for discussion.

  • Dr. Susanne Bennet: How to hack your genes for the fastest pain relief
  • Dr Terry Whals, MD: Dealing with the pain of a traumatic brain injury and the long road to recovery for patients
  • Dr. Robyn Benson, DOM: 5 effective pain solutions that everyone should know about
  • Dr. Tami Merglia, MD: The health effects of hormonal imbalance
  • Jessica Drummond, MSPT, CCN: Women and Pain
  • Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, MS, DC, CCN, DACBN: Why balancing your blood sugar levels is the fastest way to alleviate chronic pain
  • Mira Dessey, NE: Food additive and inflammation
  • Niki Gratix: The role of emotional trauma in treating chronic pain conditions
  • Debora Wayne: Rapidly remove the hidden reasons for your pain
  • Dr. Beth Darnall, PhD: The Science of pain psychology and how to cultivate your best asset for pain relief
  • Dr. Tyna Moore, DC, ND: The dangers of Ibuprofen and NSAIDS
  • Dr. Jay Davidson, DC: Could your pain be from lime disease?
  • Lisa Bloomquist: Which antibiotics cause pain and how to avoid them?
  • Dr. Tasha Stanton. PT, PHD: Looking Beyond the joint in osteoarthritic pain
  • Dr. Alex Zaphiris, MD: How to recover and heal from opiate addiction, even when you are in pain
  • Dr. Reef Karim: Prescription pills, emotional pain & addiction: an American problem
  • David Butler, PT, EdD: Explaining pain: A life time in pain treatment and education
  • Damian Dube: Are nutrient depletions the cause of your pain?
  • Karen Litzsy, PT, DPT: How to assess and interview patients about their pain experience
  • Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN NP: Is it adrenal fatigue or do you have chronic fatigue?
  • Dr. Keesha Ewers: The brain chemistry of pain, stress, and low libido
  • Dr. Ann Shippy, MD: How to find out if mold and toxicity are the root cause of your pain
  • Dr. Mitchell Yass, PT, DPT: Learning the true cause of pain
  • Shelly Prosko, PT, PYT, CPI: The perfect blend of pain science, movement and mindfulness to alleviate pain
  • Harry Massey: Using the latest in energy medicine and science to overcome pain
  • Dr. Jerry L. Bailey, DC: Mitochondrial Energy Production
  • Dr. Kim D’Edramo, MD: Healing pain instantly with EFT meridian tapping
  • Connie Zack: 3-in-1 infrared Therapy
  • Dr. Mark Menolascino, MD: How fixing chronic pain can prevent Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease

    The full attendee list as well as the five day agenda for the Healing Pain Summit can be found on the company’s website, which is also where one can reserve their seat.

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