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WarFit – Warrior Conditioning System For Athletes?

Are you working to achieve peak physical fitness? Perhaps you have reached burn out or an injury has set you back. WarFit Conditioning System may be for you! Skyrocket your conditioning levels while simultaneously building whole-body strength, power, and agility!

Designed to help you get the most out of your workouts for explosive performance, WarFit is intended to succeed where other fitness systems fail; conditioning.

Who Developed WarFit?

The WarFit Combat Conditioning System was developed by Jon Haas. John is a certified Underground Strength Coach-Level 2 and a personal trainer who is also a 9th Dan Black belt.

In John’s words I have spent over 30 years training, studying and working within the areas of martial arts and strength and conditioning to figure out how to reverse engineer the ultimate in human performance.

John has also trained in Okinawan Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Russian Systema, BJJ, Krav Maga, as well as Internal Martial Arts of Yiquan and Aiki.

John wrote the book, Warrior Fitness: Conditioning for Martial Arts in 2008. Since then he has been working to better understand the human body and the best practices for achieving peak physical training practices.

Who Should Use WarFit?

Martial Artists, Combat Athletes, Military Personnel, LEO or anyone looking to keep their body at peak levels of fitness. This product could be very beneficial to people who work as part of a police force, as an EMT or as a firefighter.

Do not consider this program if you do not plan to put the work in! Everyone has something they want to improve, consider this program to help you achieve your personal best. WarFit will deliver maximum results to those that give it their maximum effort.

WarFit Benefits

  • The WarFit Combat 8 week Conditioning Program promises a warrior’s whole-body strength, endurance, and toughness.
  • The program involves highly effective workouts that will work for you in real life
  • The WarFit Combat Conditioning System provides a step-by-step workout guide along with video instructions that show you exactly how to build muscle and burn fat.
  • Offers peak performance improvement for all martial arts.
  • Provides proven warm-up and cool-down routines to help reduce and prevent injury. These routines will also help reduce muscle fatigue and soreness.

The Importance Of Conditioning To Peak Fitness

Possessing a highly conditioned body is the key to unlock all the other attributes and skills you’ve trained so hard for. Without conditioning as a fighter you cannot make full use of your techniques.

As an athlete, if you do not condition while training you are limiting your strength and capacities. Whether your fitness training is for martial arts or a specific sport or occupation, unless you have trained to hold on to your power through fatigue then your skills are far less effective.

Are You Making Common Combat Conditioning Training Mistakes?

-Focusing on aerobic fitness: Do you focus on treadmill running focused on long slow distance running? This may not cut it.

Steady state cardio, Long Slow Distance (LSD) training simply will benefit you in the way that a proper conditioning program like WarFit will. You must train for the ability to have peak recovery between active periods of combat.

-Train differently every day: Currently in the field of conditioning training, especially combat training is to change the workout every time. Yes, it does make the training fresh and the body must adapt, but is it truly beneficial?

Many advocates believe that putting your body into a chaotic and unpredictable training environment will prepare you for anything. However, having a broad training regime that is a bit random will not yield the best results.

This form of training makes it very hard to measure progress and to easily see if you are moving towards your goals. At the same time you need a balance so that you are not doing the same workouts allowing your body to adapt to the stresses and no longer be challenged.

-High intensity all the time: Many people know friends or colleagues who believe that they can grow and achieve their fitness goals simply by pushing harder. Pushing too hard often ends up in the athlete being tired, sick, or burnt out.

Once they go back to training they just keep doing the same regime….except this time they try even harder. To achieve peak physical fitness you must not only work harder but also smarter!

Continue to bring intensity to every workout and push the limits of your body’s capabilities. The WarFit Combat Conditioning System provides coaching and guidance to help you plan your workouts to allow for the proper intensity rhythm to avoid burn out or illness. Having the proper balance of intensity and rest is crucial to developing the strongest body you can.

Having a strategy for allowing your body to rest and recover is also important. In order to progress you must give your body time to get stronger, avoid injury, and overcome fitness plateaus.

Pricing And Warfit Review Summary

The WarFit Combat Conditioning System can be purchased online , and currently there is a special promotion being offered. If you purchase through before October 31, 2016 you will receive bonus offers!

For only $37 you will receive three items to help you on your way to fitness glory:

Warrior Fitness: Conditioning for Martial Arts E-Book ($25 value)

The original book written appropriate for both individuals and instructors to help you achieve peak physical fitness with less injury.

Warrior Fitness Guide to Striking Power E-Book ($25 value)

This book will teach you how to build a powerful structure to stabilize punches, kicks, and martial movement! Discover how to use low-tech, high yield tools to strengthen strikes throughout a range of motions.

Fast Action Bonus -$10 Coupon (expires on Oct. 31st!)

Receive a $10 coupon from Lost Empire Herbs to use on a purchase of Hercules Pre Workout Formula.

The WarFit Combat Conditioning System comes with a full money back guarantee- if you are unsatisfied for any reason you can return it for a full refund.

As John Hass says, “You can’t get extraordinary results from an ordinary fitness program”. With a money back guarantee, it is worth a try!

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