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Yes to Grapefruit Daily Facial Scrub – Soothing Natural Skin Exfoliator?

The Yes to Grapefruit Daily Facial Scrub helps to even out your complexion with a variety of different natural ingredients. With the right nourishment and daily application, you can give your skin a renewed radiance and glow, without needing any extra makeup.

What is Yes to Grapefruit Daily Facial Scrub?

Taking care of your skin is the key to maintaining a healthy complexion, and the only way that you can do so is with the right products. Determining the best product for you can be difficult, but the best way to select one is by knowing the condition of your skin. Some people have excessively dry skin, while others have oily skin. If you notice that your complexion is uneven, then the best choice for regular cleansing might be the Yes to Grapefruit Daily Facial Scrub.

The Yes To brand is known for producing high-quality beauty products, and the Daily Facial Scrub is no different. This formula offers gentle exfoliation, which means that you won’t have to worry about the redness and inflammation that other products can cause. By using this product, you get the benefit of the different enzymes in both grapefruits and lemon to improve the look of your skin.

Many consumers that have an uneven complexion turn to treatments that leave their skin raw and sensitive, like chemical peels or other remedies. However, it can take a while to heal from this expensive option, and you are at risk for sunburns and infections. By choosing the Yes To Grapefruit scrub instead, you can just enjoy the benefits of gentle exfoliation.

How Does the Yes to Grapefruit Daily Facial Scrub Work?

Any skincare product is only as good as its ingredients, and that’s what sets this facial scrub apart from all the others. The main ingredients used are lemon balm (to help with skin dullness) and grapefruit (to help with exfoliation). Both of these fruits help to calm redness and inflammation, which is often the result of exposure to the wrong skincare products in the first place.

However, there are many other ingredients that contribute to the formula’s efficacy. The majority of the other ingredients act as an emollient, thickener, or fragrance, including:

  • Caprylic / capric triglyceride (emollient, to soften skin)
  • Citric acid (control agent, to increase potency)
  • Decyl glucoside (thickener, to improve the formula’s stability)
  • Glycerin (emollient)
  • Glyceryl caprylate (thickener)
  • Glyceryl Oleate (thickener)
  • Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil (emollient)

There are many other ingredients that contribute to how helpful the formula is. This product, and all other products from Yes To, are cruelty free.

Using the Yes to Grapefruit Daily Facial Scrub

This daily scrub is incredibly easy to use, and should only be applied once a day. After wetting your face with some warm or mildly hot water, use your judgement to gather a “dollop” of the formula. Start massaging it into your skin, eliminating the dead skin and the excess oil that has built up on your face.

With regular use, you can expect a radiant and healthy glow at any time of the day. The website doesn’t indicate if you need to apply the product on a daily basis, but most gentle exfoliators are safe to use once a day. If you want more information on the application of the facial scrub, contact the Yes To customer service team.

Pricing and Shipping for the Yes to Grapefruit Daily Facial Scrub

To bring home the Yes to Grapefruit scrub, you will be charged a total cost of $9.99, which supplies you with a 4-ounce bottle. When you are ready to check out on the website, you are actually redirected to http://ift.tt/qYe6ft to fulfill your purchase. If you have questions about your order, you will need to speak with the customer service team with the ordering website, regardless of where you purchase the product from.

Yes To products are also available from most major retailers, like Target, Walgreens, and Walmart, which means you can eliminate the wait time by visiting one of the participating stores. You can find the closest store location to you by searching the company’s website with your zip code.

Contacting the Makers of the Yes to Grapefruit

Yes To is a company that places high importance on the natural results you can get from different produce. If you have questions about this facial scrub, or one of the other products offered, then you can reach the company through a phone call or an email.

If you want to speak with someone directly, the easiest method is usually by calling 1-888-929-3786. However, since no operating hours are listed, you may have to submit your questions electronically to care-ettes@yestocarrots.com.

Before you initiate contact with the company, you may benefit from checking out the FAQ section of the website, as your question may already have an answer. If not, feel free to call the company as your leisure.


This daily facial scrub helps to reintroduce the radiance that your skin has had in your youth. Your makeup and free radicals can clog your pores, but using this remedy can help clear out anything that can make your face look dull. With regular care of your skin, you can keep your face looking young and healthy.

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