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Zymco Phenocane – Anti-Inflammatory Drug Better Than Ibuprofen?

Joint pain is a common ailment that is affecting a growing number of the population. Chronic joint inflammation can be very painful and debilitating, disrupting the daily lives of those living with it. Symptoms are varied, but generally include a stiffness in the joints and joint pain. Additional symptoms can include swelling, limited joint motion, redness, a warm / burning sensation in the joints. The onset of joint inflammation may be either gradual, or sudden.

While medicine such as ibuprofen and topical ointments can target the pain of the ailment, the core issue of inflammation in the joints can often remain untreated and get worse. These options are merely effective for short term relief, because you are not treating the ailment at the root of its cause. Today’s supplement market is oversaturated with a range of “natural” products to treat common ailments, including joint problems. Many of those suffering with joint problems often turn to seeking out natural alternatives to prescribed medical drugs, as often medical drugs can produce unwanted side effects and sometimes even create long lasting health issues of a different nature.

Choosing to treat a symptom in the present should not cause more problems for your future and you shouldn’t have to suffer in pain or feel like your mobility is holding you back from enjoying life. There are endless options to consider when searching for a natural and effective pain reliever with anti-inflammatory properties.

For the long term maintenance of healthy and functioning joints, there are some common key ingredients to look out for when choosing a supplement. Many herbal products aim to hide their active ingredients, so it’s important to be aware of what to look out for. In this article, we’ll discuss the supplement Zymco Phenocane and look at these key ingredients and explain how they work to address and ease ailments of the joints.

What is Zymco Phenocane?

With no added preservatives or additives, Zymco Phenocane is an all-natural dietary supplement that works to relieve the symptoms associated with joint inflammation. The product helps to soothe pain and inflammation associated with common joint pain including arthritis, sports injuries, back pain and sciatica. In its gelatin free natural composition, Zymco Phenocane works with your body’s defense system to combat the discomfort and pain caused by inflammation.

Unlike other natural supplements on the market, Zymco Phenocane is composed of the key natural ingredients needed to address pain and inflammation – without any unnecessary additives. Manufactured in production facilities that adhere to stringent quality control and GMP policies, Zymco Phenocane is a high quality and fast acting treatment that will quickly alleviate the symptoms of joint pain and arthritis.

What are the Ingredients in Zymco Phenocane?

Zymco Phenocane contains 5 key natural ingredients that are essential in any supplement that claims to address joint pain and inflammation. Backed by clinical science, these ingredients have been proven in multiple studies to address the root causes of joint pain and reduce inflammation in harmony with the natural processes of the body.

Turmeric is found in many of the other natural supplements that claim to alleviate inflammation and pain relief. What is not commonly known or advertised is that Turmeric itself is not effective – it is the lesser known ingredient found within the herb, Curcumin. Used historically in Ayurvedic medicine, Curcumin is the active ingredient found in Turmeric and is commonly used in joint pain relief supplements. Due to the “warming” nature of the herb, it has been found to have pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.

Curcuminoids are a sub-particle of the herb Curcumin and they work to inhibit COX2. Curcuminoids contain hydroxyl and phenol groups in their molecule structure, which helps to inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandins in the body. It is these chemical reactions that result in an anti-inflammatory effect.

Researchers are always looking for safe, natural and effective methods of pain relief. Boswellia, a plant that creates Indian frankincense – a treatment used for hundreds of years in Ayurvedic medicine to soothe the symptoms of arthritis. In recent years, extracts of the plant have been clinically trialed and studied for the purpose of joint function and osteoarthritis. Results found that Boswellia can positively impact some inflammatory ailments including rheumatoid and osteoarthritis as an improvement of both joint function and pain reduction when compared to a placebo was discovered.

Scientists continue researching to address the issue of arthritis. Many studies into the area have involved the amino acid Phenylalanine. The amino acid DLPA has been found to have anti-inflammatory properties, as well as treating symptoms of low mood, due to its ability to uphold and increase levels of serotonin in the brain. DLPA (also known as DL-Phenylalanine) has pain combatting functions found in salicylic acid, which is a component of aspirin. Salicylic acid is biosynthesized from phenylalanine

Nattokinase is a naturally occurring enzyme that assists in the clotting of the blood. It can help to further reduce pain and inflammation through its modulating and anti-inflammatory effect on blood pressure.

Zymco Phenocane Availability and Pricing

Zymco Phenocane is available online and by phone order. Free shipping is available in the US via the postal service and the expected delivery time is between 2 and 3 working days. Prices vary depending on the quantity. 1 bottle of 60 capsules is priced at $16.89 with free shipping, with 3 bottles of the same quantity priced at $44.99. For 1 larger bottle of 120 capsules with free shipping, the price is #31.89 and for 3 of the larger bottle, its $87.69.

If suffering with persistent pain and inflammation has become a part of your daily life and you’re looking for a natural and vegetarian friendly supplement to help, Zymco Phenocane could be the perfect choice for you. Forget short term fixes for pain relief, forget ice packs and standard prescription painkillers – choose the supplement that can help relieve your symptoms long term and give you a better and more enjoyable quality of life.

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