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5150 by Rich Piana – Pre-Workout With Hardcore Stimulants?

Pre-workout supplements and shakes have become popularized by hardened athletes and gym-goers alike, with many people now turning to protein boosters and pills to give them the a winning edge over their competition.

However, one of the drawbacks to enormous amount of choice available is that it can be hard at the best of times when it comes to actually deciding on a brand to purchase. The confusion is selecting a product is also made worse by the existence of fake and imitation products that may be sourced from illegitimate means.

Fortunately for shoppers everywhere, there is now the advent of third-party review sites that have the singular purpose of differentiating the legitimate products from the rest, and leaving the final decision up to the consumer to make.

One brand of protein supplement that has been making headlines is Rich Piana’s 5150, a stim junkie’s dream pre-workout supplement that claims to make its users go crazy in the gym like never before.

What is 5150 by Rich Piana?

As seen above, 5150 is a leading brand in the space of pre-workout supplements, supplying key nutrients and enzymes for more vigorous and explosive workout sessions at the gym.

One can easily purchase 5150 via the company’s website, which at the time of writing this article, supports major credit card brands such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express, as well as internet banking and cheque.

Once users have confirmed their orders, Rich Piana will reportedly ship their supplement to the customers within three to five working days, which makes for one of the fastest delivery times in the marketplace.

Users may appreciate the fact that 5150 comes with a money back guarantee. 5150’s money back assurance means that users can experiment with the supplement without the associated risks of disappointment and buyer’s remorse, which is unlike other products in the same market.

However, one unexpected downside to the pre-workout shake is that one cannot obtain under the terms of a 14 day free trials. Free trials are a popular benefit seen in many other leading brands, and could be enough to dissuade some sceptical shoppers from buying the supplement entirely.

In addition to offering the product, Rich Piana also allows website owners to participate in the company’s affiliate program. The affiliate scheme by Rich Piana is free for anyone to join, however to get the most out of it one should ensure that they have appropriate traffic source in the form of articles, videos or social media content about health and fitness.

What are the advantages of Rich Piana’s 5150?

5150 is one of the leading pre-workout supplements that one can find online. It contains a wealth of ingredients such as:

  • B-3 12.5 mg
  • L-Citrlline 4 grams
  • Higenamine 50 mg
  • Hordenine 50mg
  • Halostachine 50 mg
  • Synephrine 30 mg
  • Caffeine
  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine
  • Choline Bitartrate 500 mg
  • Taurine 2 mg
  • B-12, 1,000 mcgs

The product’s varied composure means that gym-goers can get absolutely everything they need to crush it at the gym, feeling focused, energized and on point for the entire workout session.

To get the most out of Rich Piana, one would be wise to combine it with other supplements. Although the mixture is effective in boosting one’s energy levels and endurance, it should not be thought of as a substitute for protein shakes or testosterone-boosters that can help in the development of one’s physique.

It should be noted that 5150 should not be considered to work as a magic pill. In fact, the company makes no specific claims of results whatsoever. One should use the energizer in conjunction to a sound health and exercise routine, because if users simply take the supplement does little else there is a slim chance of success.

What are people saying about 5150 by Rich Piana?

As one of the leading pre-workout supplements on the market today, there is no lack of reviews that can be found about the product online. The vast majority of users can be seen to be singing the company’s praises, due to the supplement’s ability to boost one’s energy levels and focus while at the gym.

Users also enjoyed the fact that the company is offering a significant discount to existing and first-time buyers alike, the current price of 5150 is $33.99, which has been discounted down from $59.99.

It should be noted however that not all the feedback about the supplement was positive in nature. There were some negative comments made about the supplement too, with some users going as far as saying that the supplement was a waste of both time and money.

The above criticism of 5150 is common to hear in the supplement industry as a whole, due to the exaggerated claims of many supplement manufacturers, as well as the unrealistic expectations of success placed by the users themselves.

Due to the dissimilarity of results seen in supplements, it is therefore hard the best of times when it comes to establishing the validity of one’s opinion about one’s product, especially when it comes from a source that potentially lacks credibility.

The Bottom Line is the 5150 pre-workout supplement recommended?

Due to the numerous reviews the supplement has received, there is enough evidence to suggest that 5150 is a recommendable to anyone who wants to increase their performance at the gym. Not only was the supplement effective in increasing one’s focus and energy levels, the formula contains key vitamins and amino acids to help in the growth and recovery of one’s muscles.

Although 5150 is not a magic pill, it apparently does a good enough of a job for what it is to be recommended by a countless number of users around the world.

In conclusion, as long as users keep their expectations in check about the formula then one may be pleasantly surprised with their results. Rich Piana is standing behind their products with the company’s extensive reputation, as well as offering a wealth of free information from the company’s blog and other forms of media and communication.

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