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AlphaGroom – Step-By-Step Dog Grooming Business Course?

For animal lovers who also want to enter the world of entrepreneurs, there is a business idea that makes these two worlds collide – dog grooming. Although it may seem slightly odd, it is a highly lucrative business idea for any dog enthusiast who is seeking a business opportunity in the animal industry. For those passionate about dogs, but not wanting to limit themselves to dog breeding, the dog grooming businesses is the perfect alternative.

Although it sounds fun and care-free, business is business and individuals pursuing this industry must create a unique business plan and possess certain skills. Styling, washing, and trimming dog hair may seem simple and mundane, these tasks require thorough training that provides customers with a safe and high-quality environment.

In order to provide customers with a peace of mind when leaving their beloved pets in the care of groomers, employees and employers should be able to confidently meet the standards. For those who want to be self-taught, a simple way to learn the needed information is to find training guides that are available online and in bookstores. Although a good start, it is recommended that those who cannot self-learn, to attend formal dog grooming courses in order to adequately learn the needed skills.

The AlphaGroom Dog Grooming Business Coarse guides individual on how to set up and run their own dog grooming business. Providing a step-by-step guide for all aspiring entrepreneurs, the AlphaGroom Academy is comprised of experienced individuals who are wanting to share their personal success with others.

About AlphaGroom Dog Grooming Business Course

Kristian Maris, author of the AlphaGroom Dog Grooming Business Course, is a businessman with a plan. A best-selling author in dog care, Maris is also the co-founder of Just Barking, one of London’s pinnacle dog grooming salons. Influenced by his own experience, he decided to help other like-minded individuals. When Maris and his partner experienced the first stages of setting up their first salon, they had no resources that would guide their journey.

Although there was information on how to be a dog grooming and limited advice, there was no comprehensive guide that offered training for the business as a whole. Realizing that there was a need for this knowledge, they decided to create an easy to follow plan that would guide future business owners in the right direction.

Unlike other businesses, dog grooming is a unique and adventurous experience. Because of the uniqueness, there is the risk for failure and many opportunities for downfall. Although mistakes are part of the learning process, Maris found that some of his mistakes almost cost him his business. By designing this educational course, Maris has managed to help others avoid making minor mistakes that could potentially derail their investment.

By investing in the AlphaGroom educational course, individuals can learn the ins and outs of the dog grooming business from the most qualified advisers. This educational course was designed with an easy going, comedic narrative, making the process of learning fun and light hearted. The AlphaGroom Business Course taught by the AlphaGroom Academy is geared towards any and all individuals interested in pursuing dog grooming business in the future.

AlphaGroom Academy

The AlphaGroom Academy is the first start in the dog grooming business. After joining the AlphaGroom Academy, students have unlimited access to a membership area that features all of the videos and documents that need to be downloaded off of the online Formation’s content. The tools provided within the course offer a thorough and efficient way to quickly begin the journey to professional dog grooming.

The Dog Grooming Business Course offers students with a detailed look at the process by providing them with 12 modules consisting of 15 videos, reading materials, exercises, quizzes, checklists, and finally, the AlphaGroom certificate signed by Maris. Once the course is over, students will be equipped with knowledge and skills that will allow them to enter the industry with the utmost advantage.

By providing students with all of the resources needed to succeed, the Dog Grooming Business Course offers individuals a one-time opportunity. The friendly and open learning environment allows them to take their hopes and dreams and make them a reality. By having the skills needed to start their own dog grooming business, students of this course are shaping their future and improving the industry.

The AlphaGroom Dog Grooming Business Course

As mentioned before, the Dog Grooming Business Course is comprised of 12 modules, videos, reading assignments, and quizzes. The independent study format allows students to learn and follow along at their own pace, coming and going at their convenience from the comfort of their home. Each module contains essential information that is crucial to ensure that personal and professional goals are met.

Easy to follow and understand, the modules are based on the personal experiences of Maris and his partner. Taking inspiration from both failures and successes, after mastering the information found in the 12 modules of the course, students will be equipped with a Certificate of Attendance and can save time, money, and frustration often found in other educational programs.

The following list is a title description of each of the 12 modules outlining will be learned in the AlphaGroom Dog Grooming Business course.

  • Module 1: Looking into the deeper aspects of the Reality Check.
  • Module 2: Delving into business opportunities that are found in dog grooming.
  • Module 3: The details of the training and qualification process, what to expect from a training course.
  • Module 4: Looking into the business aspects that are needed to establish a profitable business in the industry.
  • Module 5: Setting up the initial premises – commercial spaces, looking for appropriate locations.
  • Module 6: Looking at all the equipment and tools that are required to provide a full-service dog grooming business.
  • Module 7: Presenting “a guide for dummies” on how to explore various business concepts.
  • Module 9: Creating the business plan – the most critical part of the entire course.
  • Module 10: Looking at the aspects of Advertising, Marketing, Internet, and Social Media.
  • Module 11: Exploring how to create establish a successful platform – distinguishing a business from the competition.
  • Module 12: The final module explores individual project plans.
  • BONUS: 40 Original Icons and illustrations with different sizes special for print, website, and social media pages.

The key to being successful in the dog grooming business is the approach. As found in the modules, establishing a powerful strategy for marketing is the root success for any and all business. Making a business stand out by taking advantage of branding and selecting from a variety of advertising methods, individuals can promote their business. Whether it is post cards, flyers, catalogs, business cards, or social media platforms, leaving advertisements in pet stores, veterinary clinics, and parks, is a smart way to spread the word about the business.

Purchasing AlphaGroom Dog Grooming Business Course

All information and access to materials and tools can be found on their website (www.AlphaGroom.org). After confirmation of a one-time payment, students will immediately be sent everything that they need to begin the course. The purchasing options for the AlphaGroom Dog Grooming Business Course are below.

AlphaGroom Dog Grooming Business Course – $67.00

The AlphaGroom Academy offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. For a limited time, the company is offering a special 6-month membership that offers full access to materials and resources.

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