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Chicago Hair Restoration – Dr. Yates Hair Loss Medical Doctor?

Chicago Hair Restoration is a company that offers methods for consumers to replenish and fix dead hair follicles.

The facility offers both surgical and non-surgical options to solve your problems.

What is Chicago Hair Restoration?

While your weight and complexion can change from time to time, many people find their self-confidence in maintaining a healthy head of hair. When you’re younger, your hair is full of life as you learn about the right products to involve in your routine.

However, hormonal changes can cause your flowing mane to become a little thinner, which can be caused by the aging process or even the transition from pregnancy to motherhood. Whatever the reason, you deserve to have the beauty that you had throughout your youth, and Chicago Hair Restoration can help.

Chicago Hair Restoration is a business that deals with the alopecia that can occur at any point in your life. Dr. Yates is responsible for finding the solutions that you need to replenish your hair.

Science has made it possible to treat this common condition in a multitude of different ways, so the choice is between you and the doctor, in how to treat it.

Hair loss is different between men and women.

For men, the most common contributing factors are your age, genetics, and hormone changes. About 50% of men experience baldness during their lifetimes, which most commonly occurs in their 50s and later.

However, only 30% of women typically lose their hair at all, which presents as thinning, rather than a total loss.

The most common times for women to lose hair are during major hormonal changes, like during menopause. Regardless of your gender or the cause of your hair loss, there are solutions for you with Chicago Hair Restoration.

Services Offered By Chicago Hair Restoration

Chicago Hair Restoration is incredibly helpful in the way that it offers multiple services and products to help you beat the alopecia in your life.

At this time, the website shows both surgical and non-surgical treatments, along with an exclusive formula from Dr. Yates to thicken your hair on a regular basis.


Most people are familiar with surgical methods of improving your hair growth, like hair plugs or transplants. However, there are complicated differences from each of the different methods offered by Chicago Hair Restoration.

The company utilizes the ARTAS Procedure, which extracts hair from the back of your head to the thinner areas in front. This method is used for almost any area that you want to help restore the hair from, like your scalp or eyebrows.

Due to the specialized nature of the ARTAS method, the company can improve the hair of both genders, including patients who identify as transgender. The technique is also used to thicken and replenish hair growth in African American hair.


If you aren’t comfortable with going under the knife to restore your hair, then you may benefit from choosing a topical or non-invasive method. Chicago Hair Restoration is responsible for offering several options, including:

  • Capillus, which is a low-level laser that used specialized technology to activate growth in your lasers
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, which uses the platelets from your blood to create a customized injection for your hair follicles to reactivate them
  • Scalp Micro Pigmentation, which adds color to your scalp to give the appearance of growing follicles without stimulating growth

Each of these methods can help you get the appearance of a full head of hair, but without the discomfort of enduring a surgery to achieve it.

Dr. Yates Hair Thickener

The main product offered by Chicago Hair Restoration is the Hair Thickener. This formula contains natural keratin filaments, which are sprinkled over your head for even distribution of the chemicals.

By administering this treatment, the filaments attach themselves to your hairs, and then are set with a special spray provided.

This treatment can remain in your hair until your next shower, but it will not give you a sticky residue.

The best part about this treatment is that you don’t have to change anything about your hair styling routine. You can still brush it as you normally would, but the formula should be applied to dry hair for the best results.

There is a thickener formula for both men and women separately, which are priced at around $24.99.

Prices may vary for this product, depending on current promotional specials.

Contacting Dr. Yates and Chicago Hair Restoration

With so many products and services from Chicago Hair Restoration, you may have more questions before you invest in anything.

Luckily, you can speak with a representative by a phone call or an email.

To speak with an agent directly, you can call 312-361-0654. However, if you want to speak with a particular location, you can use that number to be redirected to the correct line.

Chicago Hair Restoration Review Summary

Chicago Hair Restoration is responsible for offering many different methods to bring back the beautiful hair you had, or always wish you did.

While you can order any of the products for home use without consultation, you will need to schedule a visit to see Dr. Yates for the surgical and non-surgical procedures.

If you want to solve the problem on your own, take some time to look through this company’s online shop, which is filled with topical remedies that you can try before taking drastic measures.

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