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DreamPad Pillow – Can It Improve Sleep & Reduce Stress?

Insomnia and the effects of poor sleep habits affects over 60 million people in the United States alone.

Over 30% of all adults experience some form of sleep dysfunction, and with the busy nature of modern society causing high stress levels in many working professionals, making sure you’re getting the correct amount of sleep is pivotal in maintaining your long term health.

Ongoing sleep deficiency has been linked to a large number of health conditions such as kidney disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke.

Inversely, maintaining a regular sleep schedule helps to boost immune system function, faster fat burning, better digestive function and better overall mental health.

There have been a number of technological advances in recent years that have led to the development and release of an array of wearable tech that measures and assists in the process of maintaining a healthy sleep cycle.

These solutions, such as the Fitbit, are primarily designed to measure and track the amount of sleep gained every night by the user, but don’t actually offer any functions that enhance or promote healthier sleep.

There are a number of pharmaceutical solutions that are prescribed to individuals suffering from poor sleeping habits, such as Ambien, Lunesta, and Sonata.

These pharmaceutical solution typically use powerful chemical ingredients that can cause a number of unwanted and deleterious side effects, such as poor digestive function, headaches, motor control difficulty and burning or tingling in the extremities.

Alternatives to these synthetic chemical solutions exist in the form of herbal extracts that have been used in traditional medicine systems such as melanin extract, chamomile or valerian, but these botanical solutions generally lack clinical scientific evidence to support their efficacy and vary in effect from person to person.

Until recently, there have been no technological solutions that address the issue of poor sleep, but a new Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is offering a groundbreaking new method of promoting health enhancing sleep through the use of breakthroughs in infrasound technology.

The Dreampad Pillow is a revolutionary new sleep-inducing pillow that leverages developments in vibration technology to gently enhance healing sleep patterns.

Over 300% funded just three weeks into the beginning of its crowdfunding campaign period, the Dreampad Pillow has received over $150,000 USD in support from thousands of eager backers.

Picked up by major news networks such as Forbes, CNN, Marie Claire and Cnet, the Dreampad is making waves throughout the internet for it’s incredible and fast acting sleep promoting properties.

In this article we’ll cut through the hype and provide a detailed analysis of the method through which the Dreampad promises to enhance sleep and promote better health to help you decide whether the Dreampad Pillow is the right sleep aid for you.

What is the Dreampad Pillow?

Designed for both adults and children, the core concept behind the Dreampad Pillow is a sleep-inducing luxury pillow that uses low frequency sound vibrations that only the user can hear to promote healthy sleeping habits.

The method the Dreampad uses to deliver it’s sleep enhancing promises is the application of infrasound, or extremely low frequency sound waves that are on the limit of human perception.

When sound enters the ear, it vibrates the eardrum which in turn vibrates elastic structures in the cochlear, creating liquid vibrations that agitate microscopic hair in the inner portion of the ear that are converted into neural signals.

This vibratory effect is what causes your voice to sound different to you in a recording as opposed to listening to yourself speak, as your inner ear is not excited by the vibrations caused by speech.

The Dreampad takes advantage of the vibration sensing functions of the ear to play calming and soothing music through transducers that convert sound into semi-infrasound wavelengths that easily transfer through solid material.

Instead of transmitting sound through the air, the Dreampad transmits sound through the solid material of the pillow and the bone of the skull, directly exciting the cochlear without creating any ambient noise.

As these vibrations travel through the bone to the inner ear, the user experiences a calming and relaxing effect that has been demonstrated in multiple clinical trials to promote healthy sleep.

How Does the Dreampad Pillow Work?

The infrasound music played by the Dreampad Pillow is designed to excite the parasympathetic nervous system, or the function of the body that reduces stress and controls sleeping habits.

Offering a range of tracks specifically composed to deliver a soothing and calming effect, the Dreampad Pillow broadcasts these relaxing sounds directly into the ear while the user sleeps. Consisting of just a simple pillow with bluetooth connectivity, the Dreampad is easy to control and customize.

Dreampad users are able to control the functions of their Dreampad Pillow via a purpose built app for both iOS and Android.

The Dreampad is paired with a device running the app, at which point the user simply selects a track and relaxes as they would on a normal pillow.

The science supporting the sleep enhancing effects of the Dreampad pillow is concrete and convincing- a Columbia University study of the Dreampad and its effects on sleep determined that a group of participants using the Dreampad experienced far less awakening events during the night, as opposed to a control group using regular pillows.

The Dreampad offers a range of functions, including a rhythmic breathing de-stress program that offers a method for users to sync their breathing to rhythmic patterns created by the Dreampad, available in patterns of five, six and seven breaths per minute.

Suitable for poor sleepers of all ages, the Dreampad is an exciting development in the field of sleep aids that has been in development for over four years.

Dreampad Pricing & Availability

The crowdfunding period of the Dreampad is currently underway, and Dreampad pillows can be preordered via the Dreampad Kickstarter page.

With an introductory price of $129 USD for a bluetooth enabled Dreampad pillow, the Dreampad is far more cost effective than many other sleep aids available on the market.

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