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Egyptian Magic – Magically Healing Skin Cream With Olive Oil?

Egyptian Magic is a skincare cream that helps to heal and soothe skin with natural ingredients. You can purchase it as a one-time transaction, or you can schedule monthly deliveries to maintain your supply.

What Is Egyptian Magic?

Choosing the right skincare products is all about paying attention to your own complexion. There are so many different blends available in the industry, but you need to understand the needs of your skin to determine the best products for you. If you have dry skin, then you have many moisturizing treatments at your disposal, including Egyptian Magic.

Egyptian Magic is contained within a “healing balm” and uses natural ingredients to be able to give you the nourishment you want. With such effective regimen, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that the formula has remained the same since it’s conception in 1991. With loyal followers continuing to purchase this product year after year, you may quickly become a part of the group. To sweeten the deal even more, this cream is available for half of the cost of comparable remedies, which means you’re getting high-quality treatments for a fraction of what others are paying.

Nourishing your skin is essential to maintaining a healthy and youthful complexion. Unfortunately, there are very few options that can help you rehydrate your skin, unless you use an effective lotion. Most other lotions rely on chemical concoctions from a lab, which makes you more prone to blemishes. However, by using the natural ingredients in Egyptian Magic, you can avoid the acne and show off your radiance instead.

How Does Egyptian Magic Work?

The formula for Egyptian Magic definitely stands out among all the companies that fill their products with artificial and synthetic recipes. Instead, this cream focuses on using natural ingredients to help heal your skin.

In the formula, you will find:

  • Olive Oil, which was used to hydrate and protect skin since ancient times
  • Bees Wax, to fight bacteria and protect against dehydration or toxins
  • Honey, to moisturize your skin and reduce the impact of aging
  • Bee Pollen, which has plenty of vitamins and enzymes that are essential to your skin’s health
  • Royal Jelly, with features a blend of nutrients that helps to nourish and protect the skin from bacteria
  • Bee Propolis, which forms a barrier against bacteria

By using natural ingredients, you don’t have to worry about preservatives or unpredictable side effects. However, you may endure an allergic reaction, if you have a sensitivity to any of these ingredients.

Using Egyptian Magic

Since the Egyptian Magic formula is a hydrating cream, the best thing you can do for your skin is to wash and dry it first. By starting with a clean surface, the formula can penetrate your skin more effectively, giving you a better result.

Once your face is clean, you will need to use a small amount of the cream on your finger. With the oily base, this small amount will be able to easily nourish your entire face. Before you apply it, rub the cream in your hands until it looks like oil, rather than lotion. Then, massage it gently into your skin.

There is no indication of if this formula should be applied as needed, or if you should apply it a certain amount of times per day for the promised results.

Pricing for Egyptian Magic

When you decide to add Egyptian Magic to your skincare routine, you actually have a couple of options for shipping. The standard jar contains four ounces of the cream, which is priced at $39. If you’re not ready to commit to the full-size jar, you can get a 2-ounce container for $26 instead.

If you go with the standard size, you can make a one-time purchase, or you can participate in one of the delivery plans to maintain a steady supply of Egyptian Magic from month to month. You can choose a five-week delivery plan, which helps you to maintain a hefty supply of the cream for the entire household. However, if you’re the only one using it, you probably will only need the bi-monthly plan, which sends a new jar every two months.

Regardless of the frequency of your purchases, you will be required to pay the shipping fees.

Contacting the Creators of Egyptian Magic

All of this information may be helpful to you, but there’s always a chance that you have a question that has not been addressed on the website. In the event you need more clarity, or you want to check on the status of an order, you can fill in the online form with your inquiry and contact information.

Egyptian Magic Review Summary

Egyptian Magic gives you the same type of attention that Cleopatra would have had in her day, using her signature olive oil as one of the main ingredients. She was renowned for her beauty, which is why this cream aims to give you the same confidence and results. If you want the glow of the most famously beautiful woman in Egyptian history, then this remedy is perfect for you.

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