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Maximum Slim Green Coffee – Real Diet Slimming Benefits?

Maximum Slim is a green coffee bean dietary supplement that promises to help you lose weight simply by drinking a cup of coffee a day. Is it a scam or legit? Find out today in our review.

What is Maximum Slim?

Maximum Slim is a diet pill found online at The diet pill comes in the form of powdered instant coffee.

You mix the powder with water, then drink it to support your weight loss goals.

Unless you’ve been off the internet for the past three years, then you’ve already heard about green coffee bean extract.

Several studies have shown that green coffee bean extract can help you lose weight using an active ingredient called chlorogenic acid – something that isn’t found in conventional roasted coffee beans.

With that in mind, Maximum Slim claims to enhance the effectiveness of your existing diet and exercise routine.

Their instructions are clear: drink coffee, lose weight, and feel great.

That all sounds good. But does Maximum Slim actually work? Let’s take a closer look – because there are certainly plenty of other green coffee bean extracts from which to choose.

How Does Maximum Slim Work?

Maximum Slim promises to give you all of the following health benefits:

  • Ignite your metabolism “to reduce fat instantly”
  • Significantly reduce BMI
  • Increase your energy
  • Detoxify and cleanse your body
  • Enjoy the power of 45% chlorogenic acid

Obviously, these are the same claims made by pretty much every diet pill on the market. Let’s take a look at the ingredients and dosages inside Maximum Slim.

Maximum Slim Ingredients

Typically, green coffee bean extract comes in the form of a diet pill. Maximum Slim has made the unique decision of mixing green coffee bean extract with instant coffee and other ingredients.

The key active ingredients in the formula include:

  • Unroasted “green” coffee beans (containing 45% chlorogenic acid)
  • Ginseng (to help boost energy levels)
  • Heartleaf (“To start the fat burning process while curbing the appetite)
  • Instant coffee

Chlorogenic acid is the key active ingredient here. It’s the ingredient you read about in green coffee bean extract studies.

According to the makers of Maximum Slim, chlorogenic acid has “an incredible effect of absorbing sugar from starch, decreasing caloric input, and inhibiting the release of glucose in the body while increasing metabolism or fat burning in the liver”.

Together, these methods of action reduce your weight gain and help your body start burning fat.

Of course, you also get the benefits of caffeine and instant coffee. Caffeine is a proven metabolism booster. Many people drink coffee on its own for weight loss.

So far, everything about Maximum Slim sounds great – but we’re still missing dosage information. We’ll talk about that below.

Scientific Evidence for Maximum Slim

Maximum Slim has never actually been studied on its own. Or at least, the makers of Maximum Slim have never released the results of those studies.

Instead, the makers of Maximum Slim cite studies performed by other people – like this study from the University of Scranton published in 2012.

That study lasted 22 weeks and involved giving subjects high dose chlorogenic acid (1050mg) or low dose chlorogenic acid (700mg).

By the end of the study, “significant reductions” were observed in body weight, body mass index, and body fat percentage. There was also a small decrease in heart rate. There were no significant changes to diet over the course of the study.

Researchers in this study concluded by stating that “The results suggest that GCA [chlorogenic acid] may be an effective nutraceutical in reducing weight in pre-obese adults, and may be an inexpensive means of preventing obesity in overweight adults.”

You can also view that study from the US National Library of Medicine website.

That’s great! That study (and others) show that chlorogenic acid can be used to lose weight. There’s one major problem however: we have no idea how much chlorogenic acid is in each serving of Maximum Slim.

The manufacturer refuses to disclose this information. When asked about the ingredients, they simply tell you that it’s a “proprietary blend” that “contains 45% chlorogenic acid”. That tells us nothing.

Typically, when a manufacturer is obfuscating dosage information in this manner, they’re doing so because their dosage is weak. Without dosage information, it’s impossible to say if Maximum Slim is worth the price.

Maximum Slim Pricing

Maximum Slim is exclusively available online through the official website. You won’t find it in stores or from any other online retailer. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • 30 Day Supply: $49.95 (One Time Order)
  • 14 Day Trial: $6.95 (Automatic Subscription to Autoship Program at $49.95 Per Month)

The 14 Day Trial is advertised as “free”, although it comes with a catch: you have to pay $6.95 for shipping, then you are automatically signed up for a monthly subscription to Maximum Slim.

You can cancel at any time. However, you can’t receive a refund on any opened products.

Maximum Slim Refund Policy

Maximum Slim has a strict refund policy. You cannot return any items that have been opened. Unopened items are assessed a $5 restocking fee.

Shipping and handling fees are also non-refundable. And, you can only return products within 30 days of your purchase date.

To request a refund or ask any questions about your order, email the makers of Maximum Slim at Or, call 919-872-7799.

Who Makes Maximum Slim?

Maximum Slim is made by a company named Maximum Slim, LLC. There’s very little information about that company available online.

However, they have a social media presence dating back to October 2010.

The company’s “About” page describes itself as “an eco-friendly company that provides premium brand all-natural weight loss and health products”.

Aside from that, all we really know about the makers of Maximum Slim is that you can get in touch with them by email at or by phone at 919-872-7799.

It’s unclear where the supplements are manufactured – whether it’s in the United States or elsewhere.

Maximum Slim Review Summary

Maximum Slim says all the right things about weight loss.

The company uses proven weight loss ingredients – like caffeine, green coffee bean extract, and ginseng – and it combines these ingredients into a convenient instant coffee formula. You can drink the coffee daily to support your weight loss goals.

Unfortunately, Maximum Slim has no evidence backing up its claims.

The company refuses to give out dosage information – which is important, considering anything less than 700mg of chlorogenic acid is ineffective in a green coffee bean extract supplement.

There’s also the problem that Maximum Slim isn’t cheap: it’s priced at $50 for a one month supply.

When you’re paying that much for a diet supplement, you expect to get more information. We don’t even know where Maximum Slim is manufactured.

Maximum Slim may be a good supplement, but there isn’t enough information currently available to recommend it. We don’t know any dosage information or ingredient information.

It’s also never been studied in any type of setting. Based on all of this information, Maximum Slim probably isn’t worth your hard-earned money.

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