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My UV Patch – La Roche-Posay’s Ultra-Violet Exposure Patch?

In order for people to have the healthy, beautiful skin they want, there’s a certain amount of protect that the skin requires.

Most people are aware that if they cleanse their skin every day, moisturize it regularly, and protect it from the sun, they will be doing everything in their power to guard it from external damage.

However, often it’s not that something is being done, but rather how that thing is being done that really counts.

Most people agree that not all facial scrubs work the same. For people to find the scrub that works best for their skin type and their specific needs, they need to try several different ones and find a routine that works best for them.

However, the same diligence isn’t used when it comes to other aspects of skin care, specifically sun protection.

Lately, there’s been a lot of buzz about the importance of always wearing some sort of sun protection on the skin.

From moisturizers with SPF or using straight sunscreen, doctors and experts across the world are in agreement that these measures are necessary for healthy skin, as well as decreasing the likelihood of skin cancer.

However, unlike with most other skin care products or routines, people often don’t practice with their sunscreens. They don’t take the time to figure out which option works best for them or if they’re even completely protected with their products.

In order for people to protect their skin properly from the sun, they need to know exactly which sun protectors to use and at what strength.

They need to know how much damage is being done to their sun on a daily basis. However, until recently, there was no concrete, simple way to find the answer to these questions.

In an effort to offer users a more thorough approach to sun protection, La Roche-Posay created My UV Patch. This patch can be placed on the skin to measure how much UV exposure people are getting on a regular basis.

Using My UV Patch, people who want to know exactly what sun protection to use, and at exactly what strength, will finally get their answers.

What is My UV Patch?

Most people know that they need some sort of sun protection, even on days where it doesn’t seem like the sun is very bright.

However, when it comes to sunscreen or sun protection in general, people often make guesses at what their bodies need to be thoroughly protected. My UV Patch is putting an end to the guesswork.

Created by La Roche-Posay, My UV Patch is a stretchable piece of technology that can be worn on the body.

The patch contains skin sensors that measure how much UV exposure a person experiences on a daily basis.

By connecting to the My UV Patch app, which is available on multiple smartphone platforms, the patch is able to give users immediate information on their skin health. Once people have this information, they will be able to make wiser, more specific sun protection choices.

Depending on the skin type of each My UV Patch users, as well as their daily exposure to the sun, the app that comes with the device will offer products that will help users keep their skin safe from the sun.

Just as important, the app will also provide invaluable information on how to stay safe in the sun, especially those who have higher exposure levels than others.

By offering such a comprehensive look at sun care and protection, My UV Patch is able to offer users something they never had with sun protection before, a clear goal and options on how to reach that goal.

While My UV Patch is perfect for those trying to learn about how much UV their exposed to and how to keep their skin healthy, the patch is actually considered a coaching device. Once users know what their daily exposure averages out to, they will be able to make smarter protection steps on a daily basis.

Additional My UV Patch devices can be used once these lifestyle changes are made, to see if they’re making the difference they should be making.

Over time, these lifestyle changes will be able to provide users with the skin health they’ve always wanted.

Each My UV Patch lasts about three days, giving users plenty of time to observe their habits and track their average exposure to the harmful rays of the sun.

Benefits of My UV Patch

The biggest benefit of My UV Patch is that it is able to provide real information for those who care about the damage being done to their skin.

As mentioned above, when it comes to other skin care products, most people take time and energy to make sure they’re using products that support the health and wellness of their skin. However, when it comes to sun protection, they often have no specific information for their skin, so they’re forced to make generalized choices.

However, with the My UV Patch, each and every users will know exactly what their skin needs to stay as healthy as possible. This allows them to make specific, unique sun protection choices.

Until the My UV Patch, people would have to go to a doctor or health care professional to get information on the damage the sun was doing to their skin. However, My UV Patch makes it easier than ever for users to find out their skin health. The patch is extremely convenient.

Made out of a stretchy technology, the patch goes directly on the skin and will stick there throughout the day, collecting the information that is needed to make educated sun protection choices.

This information is given to users through the convenient My UV Patch app, which can be found in most smartphone app stores.

While the My UV Patch is extremely helpful, it was not designed to be a permanent solution. The patch was designed to provide information to users, coaching them on what they can do to protect themselves.

Even though the information My UV Patch provides users is amazing, once users know what their skin needs, they can stop using it. This allows people to save money, because My UV Patch isn’t a tool that needs to be used repeatedly.

How My UV Patch Works

Using the My UV Patch is extremely simple, thanks to the efforts made by La Roche-Posay to make learning about skin care health more accessible. My UV Patch is made out of a stretchy, transparent electronic adhesive.

It is about one square inch and can be applied to any area of the skin, though the areas that receive the most sun exposure are preferred.

Users can wear the patch throughout the day without a second thought. Because of the strong adhesive of the patch, they don’t have to worry about it slipping off or unsticking.

Throughout the day, the patch will change colors when it is exposed to the sun, with each color representing a different level of exposure.

At the end of the day, users can scan their My UV Patch to get all the information about their sun exposure from throughout the day.

This will give users a concrete action plan for what they need to do to protect their skin. Users will also be given tips on how to avoid some of the more drastic times of sun exposure, so they can reduce their likelihood of harmful skin damage.

Purchasing My UV Patch

At the moment, My UV Patch is not available for purchase. There is a waiting list for those who want to purchase the patch outright. However, for those who make a purchase of Anthelios products, available on the La Roche-Posey website (www.LaRoche-Posay.us), the patch is included for free. In order to get this deal, no codes are needed.

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