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Vinsanity Shred – Unique Meal Plans & Fitness Training Program?

Vinsanity Shred is a company that creates customized workout and diet regimens to help you achieve your fitness goals in a healthy and safe way. You will need to fill out a small quiz for each plan to help determine the best choice for you.

What is Vinsanity Shred?

Making the decision to take control of your weight is an important endeavor. With millions of Americans experiencing a battle with obesity, you need to be conscious of your physical and nutritional needs of your body.

After you learn what you need, the process of losing weight becomes a matter of willpower.

Unfortunately, knowing where to start is often the most difficult part of beginning the weight loss process. That’s where Vinsanity Shred can help.

Vinsanity Shred allows you to completely customize the plan to meet your needs. The program is supported by scientific studies, and claims it can help you “transform” the way your body looks in 90 days.

The system was created by Vince Sant, who is a professional fitness model. By collaborating with various trainers and nutritionists, this program helps you balance all the different aspects of your nutrition to reduce your stress during the regimen.

Not everyone want to take on the hard work involved in losing weight, but they still want to reap the benefits. For that reason, medical procedures like liposuction are highly popular.

Unfortunately, there are a few problems with this method. First, there’s only so much fat that can be taken out during a certain amount of time, which means you may have to pay for multiple sessions if you have a lot of fat to eliminate.

Furthermore, using liposuction won’t help you to improve your eating habits or sedentary lifestyle. By choosing to use Vinsanity Shred, you can take control in a healthy and inexpensive way.

The One-Minute Survey

The key to starting the regimen is taking the survey that is provided on the website. During this survey, you need to spend one minute to answer questions regarding your demographic information and facts about your lifestyle. You also describe the goals you have for the program.

At the end of the survey, you provide your email address to receive a recommendation for which program will work for you.

Vinsanity Shred is unique in that it sends you a recommendation for your nutrition and workout program, which can be used for you to create your own regimen, if you wish. However, the company advertises the convenience of planning your routine for you as their service.

How Vinsanity Diet Plans Work

If you choose to embark on one of the diet plans by Vinsanity Shred, you will get everything you need to maintain the program – a grocery shopping list, instructions for your recipes, and a guide for substituting any foods that you may not like.

If you have questions, you are given access to an email address that you can use for questions.

You can choose between an 8-week or 12-week plan for your diet, which will be balanced by a nutritionist after your survey is completed.

How Vinsanity Training Plans Work

The training plans are organized in a similar way to the diet regimen. You get the recommendations after the survey, choosing between an 8-week or a 12-week plan that corresponds with the length of time you will do using the diet.

If you decide to do the 12-week plan, there will be three different workouts each month, which keeps you from reaching a plateau.

All the planning is handled for you with the Vinsanity Shred program, from the exercises you perform to how many reps you need to do, including the order that you perform each one in.

All you need to worry about is maintaining the instructed plan. You also will hear from a representative once a week to check on your progress.

Available Products from Vinsanity Shred

The price you have to pay for your Vinsanity plan will depend on which one you choose to pursue, since you have the option of customizing your regimen or choosing a pre-planned one.

Here are the different programs offered to you, along with the current pricing for the fitness curriculum:

  • Ripped In 90 Days: $99.00
  • Fat Loss Extreme: $99.00
  • Clean Bulk Program: $99.00
  • Custom Training and Diet Plan: $225 – $300
  • Big Arms Program: $14.95
  • Six-Pack Shred: $14.95
  • Recipe Guide: $9.95
  • Toned in 90 Days: $34.95

If you choose the customized program, your total will be updated at checkout.

Contacting Vinsanity Shred

Right now, the website does not offer a way to directly communicate with customer service. However, since your purchase will allow you access to the content online, you may receive an email to confirm your purchase.

However, there is a tab at the bottom-right area of the screen that allows you to search the Help desk for more information.

Vinsanity Shred Review Summary

If you choose to embark on one of the regimens from Vinsanity Shred, you can eliminate the planning and guesswork that can obliterate your aspirations for better health. You don’t have to worry about reaching a plateau, because the programs are modified specifically to change that aspect of your routine.

If you’re truly ready to say goodbye to the fat that’s been holding you back, or if you want the glory that comes with sculpted muscles, Vinsanity Shred is the first step in the right direction.

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