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Andoxybol Review – Muscle Growth & Energy Booster By Primal Muscle

Androxybol is a supplement that will help you improve your energy levels throughout the day so you can get stronger and improve your health. Read this review to find out more about Androxybol today!

What Is Androxybol?

If you’re in need of more energy than this could be the supplement for you. If you are in need of help building muscle this may be what you’re looking for. Androxybol is designed to help you build more muscle and get in shape.

It’s an all-natural supplement that will stimulate your workout and other physical activities. You will be able to gain more superb levels of energy with Androxybol. It’s one of the best overall muscle growth formulas according to the manufacturers. It’s primarily developed for men as well.

It is a high quality product designed by Primal Muscle to stimulate muscle growth and male virility. The company also created a few other popular supplements like: Mesoben, TridosenH and Lipotase. As mentioned before, the supplement is said to be one of the best and is also one of the most expensive. It is one of the most potent strength growing formulas on the market.

They claim that when you take the supplement you’ll get massive increases in your testosterone producing. And also have much higher muscular energy for hours and hours. It is also said to improve your overall strength and endurance. On top of these claims, they say it will also increase the levels of nitric oxide in the body. While improving muscle gains.

Androxybol is said to be the newest and best of the scientifically formulated strength supplements on the market today. It has multi purposes and anabolic properties without the notorious side effects of steroids. Some experts say it can build muscle definition in mass in 5 different ways. And they say it is completely natural and safer than a traditional steroid.

How Does Androxybol Work?

The supplement works in the same way as anabolic steroids like Anadrol 50. The difference is that Primal Muscle claims it can replace the steroid in a completely safe and non-harmful way. It naturally increased the blood cell levels and increases your pumps. It helps to create huge muscular gains and has properties to increase synthesis of proteins. Also helps to boost your hemoglobin levels and your europroteins.

The supplement will increase your strength due to its androgenic properties and elevate red blood cell levels and production. You get much stronger on a muscular and vascular level. Unlike Anadrol 50, you do not need a prescription to take Androxybol.

It works in the exact same was as Anadrol-50 but without the harmful effects on the liver. It’s been called one of the most revolutionary supplements on the market and offers the same effects as steroids without the unwanted side effects. No acne, no gyno issues or female breast tissue is what they claim as well.

Plus, the components of Androxybol do not increase estrogen in the body and may actually decrease it so you can get those rock hard muscles. Androxybol also blocks the sex hormone binding globulin so you can count on healthier levels of testosterone production. It does contain Androgen releasing factors and gives you massive muscle gain as well as superb fat loss.

Lastly, the compound will increase your levels of EPO, nitric oxide and ATP. The research at Primal Muscles shows athletes consume as much as 159% more oxygen during workout after taking Androxybol.

What all this means is you get maximum efficiency when working out and will keep yourself from burning out. Androxybol will allow you to lift heavier loads without the worry of muscle loss. At the same time, it will improve your fat loss capabilities.

They also say it is 100% safe for use and has zero side effects. It’s ideal for athletes and designed to help committed men reach their physical goals without worrying about plateauing. The components and base are designed to simulate the effects of Anadrol-50 without offering all the nasty side effects. It is composed of natural extracts and testosterone enhancing agents. Even though it is said to be completely safe, it’s best that you consult a doctor prior to using the supplement.

What Ingredients are in Androxybol?

The compound mimics other compounds like Anadrol-50. Only the difference is, it is completely all natural and said to be 100% safe for use. It will give you the same anabolic properties however and helps with bodybuilding in general.

The main formula is composed of Rhodiola, Massularia Acumminate Stem and Rhodiola 3. It also contains 4-Divanillyltetrahydrofunan, as well as Fenugreek and Trans-4-Hydroxy-3-Methoxycinnamic. Other inactive ingredients are in the capsules and composed of cellulose and silicon.

What Doe Androxybol Cost?

On bottle of the supplement costs $149.99. It is in a class of its own when it comes to cost and effectiveness.

What Do Customers Say About Androxybol?

There are no written reviews available at this time. On one website, they gave it a 0/5. But that site gave three alternatives to use. So not sure if it they are bashing it because of the promotion of other products.


  • Tested anabolic properties
  • Increase the nitric oxide levels in the body
  • Promotes heightened energy levels
  • No side effects
  • Full refund guarantee


  • Expensive
  • Not many reviews

Androxybol Review Summary

For the price it seems like it’s a little dangerous to buy something that has very limited reviews. My suggestion would be to wait and see what type of reviews come out in the following few months. Even though there is a refund policy, those can be tricky to deal with sometimes.

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