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Afirm 2x – Quality Retinol Solution For Brighter & Youthful Skin?

Age and sun damage have a huge affect on the cosmetic appearance of the skin. As age begins to lower natural collagen levels, the skin can no longer reverse the effects of damage as efficiently, leading to a variety of effects such as fine lines, wrinkles, patchy skin, uneven textures and crow’s feet. With so many different products available on the market that are designed to counteract or reverse skin blemishes and wrinkles, choosing the solution that works best for your skin can be a difficult process.

While many products promise instant reversal of the effects of age and claim to wind back the clock on sun damage, the reality of treating such issues makes these claims had to verify. Wrinkles and fine lines are caused by biological processes that occur over years and even decades, thus any instant fix product is more likely to be a cosmetic and temporary cure instead of a long lasting and effective solution. Some methods for renewing the skin such as ingesting supplements that contain large amounts of collagen are partially effective in increasing the amount of raw materials the body has to work with when repairing skin damage, but these diets and dietary aids don’t address the causes of wrinkles at their source.

Medical solutions that contain strong chemical compounds or injectable solutions deliver similar results, but can have potentially damaging long term effects on the health, causing unwanted toxins to build up in the body. Surgical procedure often involve lengthy hospital visits and painful invasive procedures that carry a risk of causing facial paralysis or scarring as well as costing thousands of dollars. There are herbal solutions that have clinical evidence for effectiveness, but these require long term maintenance of a topical application regime and are not guaranteed to work.

One of the most effective solutions for reversing the effects of sun damage and age on the skis is a little known and unique nutrient called Retinol. As the number one recommended anti aging agent by dermatologists around the world, Retinol has a scientifically demonstrated ability to address the issues that cause fine lines and wrinkles at their source as well as eliminate and smooth existing wrinkles. Unlike other solutions, Retinol does not have an effective time frame in which it works upon the body- continued use of Retinol as an anti-aging treatment causes it to become more effective in reducing skin damage and fine lines.

Created by a leading team of dermatologists and skin care experts, Afirm 2x Retinol Solution is a super powerful formula that contains a concentrated dose of high quality Retinol that is designed to smooth and brighten skin, reducing age spots, dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles. In this article we’ll break down the health effects and interactions of Retinol and dermal cells to help you understand how the Afirm 2x Retinol solution can offer brighter, more youthful and smoother skin.

What Is Retinol?

A derivative of Vitamin A, Retinol was first discovered in the early 20th century by Elmer McCollum, a biologist performing research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Further developments throughout the following century led to the creation of a carboxylic form of vitamin A, which became known as Retinol. Listed in the World Health Organisation’s list of essential medicines, Retinol is a critical element in healthy life and is found in trace amounts in many different food sources.

When applied directly to the epidermis, however, Retinol has dramatic and potent effects. Retinol has been shown to be up to seven times more effective than any other organic compound at reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by dramatically boosting the levels of collagen in the body without the need for injections or special diets. Used in the medical field to treat acne, psoriasis and keratosis, Retinol is available to consumers in the form of topical creams that offers an incredible and fast effective solution to tired skin while gentle enough to soothe inflammation and dry, sore skin.

How does Afirm 2x Retinol Solution Work?

Collagen plays a critical role in the repair of dermal skin cells, and when collagen levels are lowered either through the effects of age or through excessive sun damage, errors in the repair process of the body cause wrinkles and fine lines. When the skin is damaged from external environmental factors, the body will repair dermal cells by swapping out broken collagen strands with new, healthy strands.

If collagen levels in the body are low, the strands that replace broken collagen will be shorter than the original strands, and when the skin heals scarring causes skin to fold over itself and create wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet. This process, while occurring over a long time frame, is not irreversible. By increasing the amounts of collagen in the body, the natural repair system is able to redress errors in the skin and smooth out mistakes, effectively reversing the cosmetic effects of age.

Afirm 2x contains a moderate amount of Retinol that is unable to cause any negative side effects and has been specially formulated to assist photodamaged skin in recovery and repair. As Retinol is a light and air sensitive compound, the professionally formulated composition of Afirm 2x allows continuous delivery of the effective active ingredient through a protected and controlled method over a period of time, offering less risk of irritation and more effective results.

Using Afirm 2x to boost collagen production results in a finer skin texture, smoother facial features, brighter and more youthful skin and a reduction in dark eye circles in addition to a boost to overall health from the strengthening of the immune system that is associated with healthier, stronger skin.

Afirm 2x Retinol Solution Availability & Verdict

Afirm 2x Retinol solution is available from a wide range of online retailers such as Amazon. If you’d like to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and gain better overall skin health, Afirm 2x Retinol Solution is an effective, science based product that offers fast results, leaving your skin brighter, renewed and rejuvenated.

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