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Genius Ultra – Arbonne’s Ultrasound Skincare Technology?

Genius Ultra is the new innovation of Arbonne Intelligence. It is the perfect addition to your Arbonne skincare products, and will give you that special boost that your skin usually obtains only after a day at the spa.

What Is Genius Ultra?

Genius Ultra is a hand-held device that works with the concept of ultrasound technology. Genius Ultra is like having a laser care specialist, or a dermatologist in the palm of your hand. Genius Ultra works using gentle ultrasound waves to apply your skincare products properly and evenly to your skin.

The surface of the skin is not flat, or even, so when you apply skincare products to your skin, using your fingertips, you may actually be missing a big portion of the skin, and that part never gets any benefit from the product you are applying. Genius Ultra uses sound waves to actually push the skincare product evenly to the outer layers of skin. This process allows it to get into the ridges, and will allow all of the skin on your face to benefit, rather than just a portion.

When you consider that the fine lines and wrinkles on your face, are the areas that need skincare products the most, and yet you may be actually missing those areas. You don’t have to cheat your skin any longer, Genius Ultra is like giving yourself a spa facial, all in the comfort of your home.

About Genius Ultra

Genius Ultra has consistent ultrasound waves that deposit the skincare products where they are needed the most, in those fine lines. Genius Ultra has been tested by dermatologists, as well as consumers, and found to be not only effective, but safe to use at home. Genius Ultra uses only low levels of ultrasound energy, so your skin gets the exact amount of treatment that it needs. The device will automatically shut off after one minute of use, so there is no danger is placing it in position for too long, it is perfectly safe.

The unique, customized tip was designed by a panel of expert women. They opted for the specially designed tip based on the fact that it would allow you to more easily access the areas on the face that are normally hard to reach, as around the nose, and below your inner eye. Genius Ultra has three warming levels, that when combined with gentle vibration allows you to customize your settings according to your comfort level. You do not need conductive gels, the Genius Ultra works with your Arbonne skincare topical alone.

Genius Ultra has adopted the idea that safety and effectiveness can work together, and give your skin a healthy look and feel, all without the visit, or money to a dermatologist. The waves produced gently deposit those skin care products exactly where they are needed most on your skin, you simply can’t do that with your fingertips. Genius Ultra is patent-pending, so you know that you are getting the one and only, in addition to the best skincare product for your skin care needs.

How to Use Genius Ultra

A good rule to remember is to simply use the Genius Ultra whenever you use your Arbonne skincare product. When first implementing the Genius Ultra into your skin care routine, begin with one time daily, for one minute per area. This allows you to assess your skin’s reaction and ensure it is well tolerated. When your skin shows no signs of intolerance, you can increase your usage to a level that you are comfortable with.

Take caution not to overuse Genius Ultra, just give yourself some time to make sure your skin is well tolerating the treatment. The science behind Genius Ultra is actually pretty simple, under the polished tip is a ceramic disc. When the disc used the piezoelectric effect turns the electrical input to vibrations and ultrasound frequency. It may sound a little complex, however the bottom line is, it works great. With 300,000 waves per second, you know Genius Ultra is doing a job unmatched by human hands, and putting your skincare products where they need to be.

The unique warming tip allows you to personalize your routine according to your comfort level as you apply your skincare products. You will feel like you just stepped out of a full day at a spa. Genius Ultra warms quickly when turned on, so it’s ready to use in no time. Don’t worry about the discomfort, the Genius Ultra is very gentle to the skin, a warm feeling is all you will experience.


When you use Genius Ultra, you will notice the great results over time. Consistent use of the Genius Ultra will improve the look of your skin after repeated use. What will you get from regular use with the Genius Ultra? Improved skin tone, and that radiant glow that comes from youthful skin. Genius Ultra is safe for any any healthy skin type, 18 years and older. Pregnant women and pacemaker patients should avoid using Genius Ultra. Cleaning the Genius Ultra is simple, just use a slightly damp cloth to remove excess product residue from the surface. Use an alcohol wipe to sanitize the tip of the Genius Ultra, and you are all set.

Genius Ultra Review Summary

Using the Genius Ultra will make you feel as though you have a full day in a luxurious spa, having your face pampered and cared for, your skin will feel and see an immediate difference. Don’t spend thousands visiting a dermatologist office, and skip the pricey spa. Instead, treat yourself at home, making Genius Ultra part of your regular skincare routine.

Why spend another dime on skin care products that will sit on the surface of your skin? Genius Ultra will deposit the products exactly where they are needed most, in those fine lines and premature wrinkles. Visit the website today to learn all about Genius Ultra. Your skin will glow and look better than you thought possible, and all without expensive doctors or spas, visit Genius Ultra’s website today, and have healthier Looking skin tomorrow.

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