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OpenTable – Healthy Food Options Using Online Restaurant Booking?

Hate waiting in line to eat at your favorite restaurants? Have travel plans to visit a new city and are not sure where to start? Read below to find out how OpenTable can get you into over 37,000 restaurants worldwide without waiting in line.

What Is OpenTable?

OpenTable is an online restaurant reservation system. Open Table allows customers to search over 37,000 restaurants worldwide based on location and make reservations. In addition to offering reservations, OpenTable also helps promote member restaurants and gives diners a platform to post reviews. Over 19 million diners use OpenTable monthly!

To learn more about how OpenTable works, keep reading.

How Does OpenTable Work?

OpenTable is a web page or app that each diner joins by creating a login. Once a member, diners can search potential dining locations by area, specific restaurant name, or even cuisine type.

Diners simply create a login that allows them to easily see restaurants they have dined at before or to receive targeted suggestions based on their primary dining area. The booking terms vary depending on each restaurant. There is even the option to purchase gift cards for friends to utilize OpenTable to make reservations.

As the member searches by location, OpenTable makes it easy to see which restaurants in the specified area get the highest ratings based on OpenTable users. You can even search based on large groups or private dining options. OpenTable really does make it easy for diners to find the perfect place for their business colleagues, birthdays, or romantic dates.

It is easy to make a reservation. If your plans change once a reservation is complete, do not worry, it is super simple to cancel or change. To make edits the diner would log into their account and then simply edit or cancel their reservation. Edits can include date, number of people, or time. To make coordinating with friends and colleagues simpler OpenTable makes it easy for you to share your reservation with other members of your party.

As an incentive to use OpenTable, diners can earn points for making reservations specifically through their site. Point values earned per reservation vary from 100-1000 points. Diners can save up their points to redeem towards dining credit or Amazon gift cards. It is easy to earn credit fast! For instance, make reservations through OpenTable and dine at two of the participating restaurants that are worth 1000 points. Just two reservations and you automatically earn a $20 dining gift card. It is important to note that all dining points expire after twelve months. If you are unsure if you will use all of your acquired points, you can gift them to a friend.

The OpenTable app is simple and easy to use. You can easily share restaurant options with friends. You can easily see at each restaurant when the next table is available so you can choose between your favorite restaurants based on availability. Monthly OpenTable updates the top ten restaurants in each search location based on the reviews during that month. Having up to date reviews allows the diner to easily anticipate the quality of their upcoming meal.

If you are a restaurant OpenTable.com is definitely a platform you need to be a part of! They make it easy by offering online registration or support via phone or email. If you register on OpenTable as an Admin Professional, you are able to book on behalf of others, which is great for businesses that have frequent business lunches.

OpenTable has an active Facebook page where like-minded diners can connect and learn about featured restaurants or meals. Diners can also get involved via Twitter, Instagram, or Google+. If you prefer the creativity available through a blog, Open Table’s is great. Blog posts highlight award-winning restaurants, media coverage, and even hosts giveaways! OpenTable’s blog also features upcoming events hosted by some of the restaurants.

In addition to their web page application, OpenTable has apps available for ios, Android, Windows, and Windows 8. The website is available in English, Dutch, German, Chinese, and French. OpenTable also offers an email subscription for those who are interested in staying connected via email.

OpenTable Pricing

OpenTable is completely free to use for both diners and restaurateurs.

Who is behind OpenTable?

OpenTable started in 1998 as a way to help diners easily link to their favorite restaurants and helping restaurants grow. OpenTable is passionate about developing connections between diners and restaurants not only in North America now but also globally.

The leadership team behind OpenTable is comprised of nine professionals with extensive experience in the hospitality technology industry.

OpenTable’s leadership team operates in six offices throughout the US. Additionally there are offices in Australia, India, Germany, Mexico, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

OpenTable Review Summary

Perhaps you have an upcoming business trip to London. Great! Now you can decide where you want to eat beforehand. OpenTable has over 2,900 London based restaurants for you to choose from. Alternatively, perhaps you have a tropical beach vacation planned for Cancun, Mexico. No problem! OpenTable can help you relax and makes it easy for you to choose dining options from over 130 options.

As a member of OpenTable, you can even help grow the community by suggesting a restaurant to be included on their site.

Many people are intimidated by online systems, do not worry if you are not very tech savvy, OpenTable has a very easy Diner Community page that allows you to ask specific questions and see answers from other users. Additionally, you can post a specific question and have other members answer your question. It could not be easier!

Annually OpenTable recognizes the Top 20 Restaurants based on members reviews. Have you dined at this year’s best? Go checkout their website to see who made the list!

The bottom line is if you are tired of getting to your favorite restaurant to wait in line or sit at the bar then OpenTable is for you. Spend less time waiting and enjoy the convenience of knowing your dining options from the convenience of your computer or phone. Create a login today and start enjoying your favorite meals quicker and easier with OpenTable.

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