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Trophy Skin Rasul Clay Mask

 Trophy Skin Rasul Clay Mask

By Stacie S. 

After testing the Trophy Skin Rasul Clay Mask ($19) for a month, I can say it would be perfect for anyone who is looking for a deep clean and reduction is oiliness. I’m in my late 30s and although I have combination skin, it is also a bit sensitive to very strong products. Recently, I have been trying to find something to help control my excess oil and help to mitigate my hormonal breakouts.

The first time I tried this mask, I applied it to my entire face and let sit for 10 minutes. The mask has a neutral smell and thick consistency. Once shaken, it turns to an easily-spreadable texture. I had concerns that it would leave a reddish brown tint to my skin, but it washed off cleanly and left no residue.

I didn’t notice any tingling, but the mask did tighten up as it dried. The results? My face was pink for a few hours after, my pores were smaller and acne seemed less inflamed. However, the areas of my face that are more on the dry side were very flaky. Certain patches of my face were scaly and dry for the rest of the week, even after extensive care and moisturizing.

The next go-around I only used this mask as a spot treatment — bingo! Placing a small dab on my problem areas for seven minutes seemed to be the approach that worked best for me. It helped reduce current bumps and stopped any forming under the skin in their tracks with just one use. I can see myself reaching for this as both a quick fix and for acne maintenance.

This mask contains rasul clay, which is a natural ingredient formed from volcanic activity and geothermal changes. This works on skin to draw out impurities and create an antimicrobial environment. It is also known as ghassoul or Moroccan clay and can only be found under a mountain range in Morocco. A secondary ingredient, calendula (in the daisy family), reinforces the anti-inflammatory and calming properties of this product. Additional ingredients include purple orchard extract and blue agave for improved texture and tone.

I recommend the Trophy Skin Rasul Clay Mask for those with oily, acne- or blackhead-prone skin. Combination skin types should probably use it less frequently as a spot treatment, while sensitive or dry skin types may want to avoid it altogether. At its affordable price point, this deep cleansing mask is a great addition to my regimen! 

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