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Virulite – FDA Cleared Device For The Treatment Of Cold Sores?

Considering the fact that the majority of the population suffers from the HSV-1 Virus, which causes cold sores or “fever blisters”, it is safe to say that the demand for new treatment options is steadily rising.

Due to the lack of a cure for the virus, sufferers of cold sores are forced to resort to prescription medications, over-the-counter creams and gels, or at-home remedies to treat their embarrassing symptoms.

After living with the virus for years, most people learn what combination of remedies works best for them.

The most popular and effective treatments currently on the market seem to be Abreva, the topical over-the-counter cream approved by the FDA and Valtrex, the prescription medication in the form of a pill. However, the major downside to these treatments is the lack of effectiveness after a cold sore blister has already formed. Most mainstream products used to treat cold sores are made to target the virus in the “tingling stage” when a blister is not yet present.

Virulite is a new kind of cold sore treatment, designed to treat cold sores at any stage and without the messiness of creams or the inconvenience of having to get a prescription medication.

Even claiming to have evidence that supports the device’s ability to prevent the reoccurrence of cold sores, this new product may grow to be a top competitor in the industry.

What is Virulite?

The Virulite Cold Sore Machine was developed by an English doctor after several years of clinical research, and has been sold in Europe for almost a decade.

Based on the safety proven results of the device, the British National Health Service (NHS) approved the device in January 2008. It has been available in the United States for about a year and has been cleared by the FDA, becoming the only FDA approved device for treatment of cold sores.

The Virulite Cold Sore Machine is a small, handheld device used for the treatment and prevention of cold sores. Using light technology to reduce the healing time of cold sores, this revolutionary treatment is claimed to provide noticeable results with just two 3-minute treatments.

How Does It Work?

During the 10-year period during which researchers of Virulite conducted clinical studies for different cold sore treatments, they experimented with various wavelengths of light to determine if any had healing benefits.

They discovered that light focused at a wavelength of 1072NM (nanometers) gave a powerful therapeutic result. They believe that the 1072nm light acts as a catalyst, enhancing the immune system which promotes oral health and allows the body to heal itself more quickly.

Using this information, the researchers began to develop the Virulite Cold Sore Machine. Two LEDs giving out an invisible 1072 nanometer light in specific pulsed bursts are placed into a bell shaped treatment area, which is then placed over the infected area(cold sore). The device contains a built-in timer that ensures a 3-minute treatment cycle, during which a green LED flashes to confirm that the treatment is taking place.

At the beginning and end of treatment, the device gives a warning sound and will shut itself off after treatment is complete.

Although the product does run on a 9 volt battery, an internal mini-computer checks the device each time it is used, in order to ensure that the battery has enough power for treatment.

The same mini-computer simultaneously checks the 1072nm light, ensuring the correct waveband is always being emitted. In the event that either of these tests fail, an alarm sounds and the device shuts itself off. This is meant to be a safety feature, preventing people from using a potentially faulty device.

Benefits Of Using Virulite

One of the major benefits of using Virulite is the apparent lack of side effects reported. The device has been clinically proven to give results without side effects and has been shown to reduce healing time of cold sores in half.

More importantly, the device has been proven to work even if first used at the “blister stage”. Most cold sore treatments on the market, have proven results if used at the first sign or “tingling stage” of a cold sore, but very few yield the same results if used after the cold sore has already formed a blister.

Another major benefit of this device is its treatment time. After only 2 treatments per cold sore, the Virulite Cold Sore Machine promises noticeable results.

This is a major difference from most creams on the market that only give results after a few days of constant use. Also, by boosting the immune response, Virulite may help reduce future outbreaks. This is definitely key for people looking for a long term treatment for cold sores.

Finally, Virulite does not require a prescription. For many, the embarrassment and cost of going to the doctor for a prescription is quite a hassle, prompting them to look for more easily accessible options.

Although Virulite is not yet available in stores, it is available online. It is, of course, available through the official website, virulite.com, and recently it has expanded to mass retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

Downsides and Final Thoughts – Is Virulite Worth It?

One of the major downsides concerning Virulite is the fact that it runs on a battery and doesn’t seem to be very good quality. Many users report that the battery needs to be changed often and the device’s treatment light will stop working after several uses.

Others say that while the product does produce results, the device itself seems cheap and poorly made.

Another downside of this product is price. At $99.99, Virulite is a pricey alternative to many of its competitors. Reviewers say that while the product does seem to work, it appears to be very overpriced considering it gives results similar to that of prescription medications which are normally priced around $40 with a prescription.

Still, the benefits of Virulite may be enough to sway customers’ opinion of the product. Its popularity has steadily risen over the past few years as more and more people try to find a new way to battle the HSV-1 virus.

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