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Elena Rubin Monarch Hydrating Mask

Elena Rubin Monarch Hydrating Mask

Monarch Hydrating Mask to Soothe and Support by Elena Rubin Skin Care
($99) is a lovely mask that is infused with powerful plant extracts. According to the website, this anti-aging mask was created to refresh and repair perimenopausal skin with phyto-hormonal support. Given this description and my age (50s), which is appropriate for this product, I was eager to see what kind of results this mask would give. I incorporated it into my skin care routine for four weeks, and other than adding this product, I changed nothing else about my routine. This allowed me to better evaluate the results.

My first impressions were positive. The gel texture and scent, which is very natural and mild, are pleasant. I don’t like fragrances in my skin care products, as I deem them completely unnecessary and sometimes harmful. Further, I get migraines and fragrance is always a concern, but this didn’t bother me. The packaging could be more hygienic as it’s in a small tub and you scoop the product out with your finger. However, I appreciated that the packaging was not larger than it needed to be and so you get a good idea of how much product you have. I also appreciate that Elena Rubin’s products are never tested on animals.

This mask has powerful properties, including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and UVA and UVB protection. Calendula ffficinalis flower extract has flavonoids and saponins that soothe and heal skin, while wild yam extract is rich in phyto-hormones and antioxidants. Rutin, a plant flavonoid, has strengthening and anti-inflammatory properties. The product is formulated with many other lovely plant extracts and no nasties.  

I recently moved to a drier climate and my combination skin is still adjusting to it. My hope in using a mask that claims to “soothe and support” was to give my thirsty skin just what it needed.  I used this product in the evening two to three times per week for four weeks, and while I didn’t see dramatic results, my skin was tighter yet hydrated immediately after use. This mask also improved the texture of my skin — it was smoother and softer to the touch.  I’m very happy to recommend Elena Rubin’s Monarch Mask as a product that improves the skin’s texture and overall appearance.  

from phytoceramides reviews http://ift.tt/2dkcUH7 via anti aging wiki
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