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Russian Bear Nutrition – Effective Mass Muscle Gain Products?

The supplement industry has taken the world by storm. There are more supplement companies on the market now than any time in history, and that trend is only looking to continue as people become more health conscious and concerned about their bodies well being.

The difficulty with the sheer amount of supplement companies available today is knowing what company to trust, so when a business comes along that has had numerous customer reviews it can create headlines, that business is Russian Bear Nutrition, based out of Melville, New York.

What Is Russian Bear Nutrition?

As stated previously, Russian Bear Nutrition is a supplement business based out of New York. They are a national distributor and manufacturer of bodybuilding supplements. They specialize in selling pre-work and post-workout formulas that leverage whey protein to enhance one’s workout when at the gym.

Russian Bear Nutrition sells their products directly from their website, as well as leveraging a network of resellers to promote their products. There are ways that one can sell the supplements from Russian Bear Directly from their own website to be eligible for commissions from the products sales.

As seen as a trend in the supplement market, Russian Bear offers their customers a free trial period for user to experiment with their products. One only pays for the shipping costs, which is between $3 and $5.

What Products Are Sold By Russian Bear Nutrition And How much?

Russian bear exclusively sells whey protein, which is largely considered to be the best protein supplement on the market for consumers today.

There are many different variations on the whey protein formula that is offered by Russian Bear, including products specifically made for weightlifters to bulk fast, as well as sports formulas that have been designed to give athletes a more explosive workout during the gym.

The products also come in different forms: from gels to pills and to powders.

The prices range anywhere between $30 and $200 depending on the size of the product that one is purchasing.

It may come as fortunate news to hear that Russian Bear does not presently offer a money back guarantee period for any of their products. This could be seen as a significant disadvantage of the brand, as many other companies will offer this as a safeguard for their customers.

Why is whey protein important?

A great way to boost your protein in your diet plan is to consume a protein supplement. Whey protein is among the most popular bodybuilding supplements, since it is a source of premium quality and easily digestible protein. It is not a new product.

It is also easier to digest, and to metabolize, which means that your body will use the protein more efficiently and it won’t cause indigestion that other proteins cause.

Whey protein gives quick nourishment to the muscles, and that’s why it’s known as `fast protein’. Its importance is being recognized only in the most recent years.

The non-essential amino acids can be created by the body, but the important amino acids cannot be, so you need to receive them through your diet plan. Actually, most amino acids have several benefits. It is readily digestible and contains the majority of the important amino acids which aren’t synthesized in the body.

Protein supplements are a superior meal replacement. Therefore, before you commence taking these protein supplements, seek advice from your health care provider. It is necessary to select the appropriate whey protein supplement at the start.

The watery part is called whey. Whey can change the immune system of people who might be allergic to it. It contains soluble protein in one of the highest available amounts, along with 5% lactose, minerals and lactalbumin. Designer Whey is among the top whey supplements on the market.

Absence of proteins results in a decline in muscle development, cardiovascular functioning, together with contraction of muscles. It is an important component of every cell in the body. Complete proteins are thought to be of a greater quality when compared with incomplete proteins. It’s a comprehensive protein and is also rich in different phytonutrients.

Proteins are among the most critical nutrients required by human beings since they are critical for building muscles, and for tissue repair within the body. The quantity of protein needed by the body is based on the weight of the individual, activity level, and calorie intake.

The Bottom Line – Is Russian Bear Nutrition Recommended?

Although the products from Russian Bear Nutrition could rightfully considered to be expensive, the reviews overall are very positive about the company. Many people have commented saying that the supplements have helped them reach their fitness goals, with both the Pre-Workout and Post-Workout formulas.

There were some dissenting opinions in the mix as well about Russian Bear Nutrition. Specifically, some users expressed their dissatisfaction with the supplement as a whole, stating that the powders were unable to get the gains that they desired.

It is difficult to take any review, be it positive or negative, purely at face value. This is because each person’s experience with the product will be largely determined by one’s expectations and point of view. What one person considers a successful experience with the product may leave another feeling disappointed and asking for their money back.

It should be noted that no supplement or formula should be considered to be a magic pill, as no such product exists. Everyone’s bodies and expectations are different, which is why Russian Bear gives their customers a 14 day trial to find out if it works for them. As long as someone is not looking for an easy fix without putting the hard work in, then the supplements from Russian Bear Nutrition could be a good start.

In conclusion, there are enough good reviews about Russian Bear Nutrition to make it an easy decision to at least give the brand a try. The most that one can lose is the $5 dollars or so spent in shipping to know if their product quality is good or not.

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