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Sauna Space – Healthy Infrared Sauna With Low EMF?

In this age of technology, it is very common to see new advances on a daily basis. Whether these advances come in the form of apps, devices, or information, people are getting used to these constant steps forward. And one of the greatest things about all these advances is that they are making the lives of people easier and better overall. By providing people access to information or services they wouldn’t have been able to access a decade ago or creating devices that can help with the health and wellness of users, all these advances are changing the world.

Health has become a hot topic in recent years. As mentioned above, people are able to access more and more information these days, making their concerns for their health even more prominent. Added to the fact that there are several serious health crises across the globe, it makes complete sense that many of the advances being made in tech and science are focused on aiding in the support of health and wellness. And one of the most recent advances in this category is the use of infrared light.

Although infrared light has been known about for many, many years, its use to treat and even prevent illnesses is a rather new concept. However, research by both scientists and those in medicine have found that the light that the body is exposed to plays a tremendous role on the health and wellness of users. A huge portion of the research is focused on how the cells react to being stimulated by different powers of light, specifically infrared light.

Though it may seem a bit strange to many people, especially those who are new to the infrared concept, the mitochondria in the body actually react to this light in a very positive manner. Some of the benefits that have been associated with these types of therapies include:

– Improved Cellular Metabolism

– Better Bed Circulation

– Improved Collagen Production

– Decreased Inflammation

– Activation of Anti-Aging Systems

Even though research has found all these amazing benefits and more associated with infrared treatments, until recently, most people couldn’t find the treatment centers near them that they could use regularly. However, Sauna Space is working to change this. With the portable, easy to assemble sauna systems offered by Sauna Space, people across the world will be able to get the benefits of infrared therapies, from the comfort of their own homes.

About Sauna Space

As is the case with most of the best inventions, Sauna Space was started out of a necessity. The creator of the company, Brian, had suffered from a wide range of problems associated with toxic build up in his system. He wasn’t sleeping well, had skin problems, and many other conditions that were wearing down on the quality of his life. However, after hearing about the benefits of infrared sauna therapies, Brian decided to build and use his own sauna.

The results Brian experienced were astonishing. He felt his health improving on a daily basis and to this day swears by the benefits of infrared sauna therapies. Now, however, he has detailed science and research to support his claims. And using all this information, Brian created Sauna Space. Based on his original design, the Sauna Space designs are made to be built and assembled at home, with very little hassle. And unlike going to therapy every week, the options presented by Sauna Space are inexpensive, though just as effective.

Throughout the process of building up Sauna Space, the company has focused on a few key goals. The first was to make the products in the United States, providing much needed jobs to the country. In addition to this key point, Sauna Space wanted its products to be of superior quality, lightweight, and completely safe. In the end, Sauna Space was able to reach all these goals, surpassing them in many cases with sauna’s that are hypoallergenic, portable, and innovative. Most importantly, these products are offered at a fraction of the price of other options on the market today.

What Makes Sauna Space Different

Products that are created in the United States are often thought of as being cheap or poorly made. However, at Sauna Space there was no question about where its products were going to be made. Not only did Sauna Space want everything made right in the United States, but it wanted to prove that American-made is synonymous with quality. And this is one of the biggest things that sets Sauna Space apart from other companies.

Sauna Space is dedicated to its craft. While many think of saunas as simple, unsightly structures that should be hidden away, the products crafted by Sauna Space are of the highest quality. They were made to last, so users don’t have to worry about replacing anything. Hand sanded, hand-tailored, and triple checked for the highest quality standards, Sauna Space options are truly the best of the best.

In addition to working to create the best, longest lasting products, Sauna Space wanted its saunas to look better than all other options on the market. Because the saunas created by Sauna Space are there to help people heal, they were designed to bring a feeling of peace and calm as soon as they’re entered. With the beautiful aesthetics offered by Sauna Space, users begin to heal before the infrared lights even come on. And with the focus on using natural materials that Sauna Space, users can know they’re sitting in a high-quality, safe structure.

Finally, because starting with infrared therapy can be a bit overwhelming, Sauna Space does everything possible to make it as seamless for its customers as possible. Just like Sauna Space focuses on making the best products possible, it also focuses on providing the best quality service. From design, development, manufacturing, and everything that comes afterwards, Sauna Space is there for even the smallest aspects of the process. Plus, with the 100 day trial, lifetime warranty, and general affordability, customers will be hard-pressed to find service anywhere close to that offered by Sauna Space.

Products Sold by Sauna Space

Even though Sauna Space started as a small, individual project, the company has grown, offering a wide range of sauna options for those who are ready to get their sauna today and start transforming their health. Best of all, Sauna Space is currently offering a sale that makes purchasing any of their products an amazing deal.

A list of the products offered by Sauna Space, as well as their discounted prices, can be found below.

  • Sauna Cabana (Basswood) – $2,997
  • Sauna Cabana (Poplar) – $2,597
  • Sauna Shower Convertor – $1,497
  • Four Light Panel (Basswood) – $997
  • Three Light Panel (Basswood) – $797
  • Four Light Panel (Poplar) – $797
  • Three Light Panel (Poplar) – $597
  • Sauna Stool (Basswood) – $247
  • Sauna Stool (Poplar) – $197
  • Cabana Enclosure (Basswood) – $1,787
  • Cabana Enclosure (Poplar) – $1,787
  • Cabana Frame (Basswood) – $697
  • Cabana Frame (Poplar) – $697
  • Cabana Curtained Cover – $1,097
  • Cabana Mat – $147

In addition to the items listed above, Sauna Space also offers replacement parts, like lightbulbs, and guides for those who are new to using infrared for treatment purposes. Customers should keep in mind that shipping fees will apply. On the Sauna Space, there is a shipping calculator tool that will help users decide what carriers and rates they want to use.

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